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Lebanon university game challenges

Lebanon university game challenges


I am in Beirut Lebanon at the moment and have been roaming the city to look for day game spots. So far the best place is the AUB, American University of Beirut which has a huge campus in a very nice setting. The reason why its good is the sheer abundance of hot girls. I estimate that there are 75% girls and 25% guys. The weather is nice with 28-30 degC and no rain. Some basic info why this thread is a bit different from the US college/university game threads posted numerous times here. As a background I have read Bang and I am well aware of the elderly approach and rambling:
1. I am from northern Europe (however not blonde and no blue eyes) and i def stand out since Taxis are only honking at me. So at university I will look like the exotic foreign exchange student.
2. I am 5.10 which means i am taller than most girls here which is very confident boosting compared to my own country.
3. Most guys look beta and are not ripped ... so i am on par with them.
4. 5-10% of the girls are wearing a veil.
5. I get zero IOIs from the girls. They appear stone cold from a distance. Impossible to establish eye contact to see if there is the slightest interest. Already from a distance they look straight ahead. This is really problematic for me since i strongly prefer/need an indication that she is the slightest interested.
6. When sitting they are all addicted to their phones. Either texting or listening to music.
7. When walking they usually carry books and dont use the phone. There are single girls walking everywhere ... i guess to and from classes.
8. Girls are often sitting alone on a bench with a phone or reading.
9. The university seems to be a calm place without much partying.

Since i am approaching 40 i have a weird feeling, mentally, trying to approach these girls who are almost half my age. I could almost be their dad. I look 10 years younger i guess and i try to dress like the guys blending in, however adding a bit more style so thar I will stand out a bit. In hostels its easy for me to talk to other people ... its easy for me to adapt. I have a weird internal feeling that everything might come off as creepy. In general I was hoping for easier conditions.

I know i have to work on my inner game to make things happen...but i am in a confused state and need some help on how to start approaching without the mental blockages. As weak and silly as it sounds. Could really need some info/ideas/help on leveraging everything :-).


Lebanon university game challenges

Maybe you are taking the whole thing too seriously. Figuratively speaking, don't approach head first, try to slide in sideways. If you were doing a research project you would just start talking to the people you wanted to interview.

Not all of them will be interested. NEXT!

I'm order to be attractive to them you need to have a casual, fun vibe. Don't worry about the outcome. Just talk to them. Once you establish that she seems interested you will relax.

Try to avoid too many interview questions. Since you are new in the area you might have a funny, embarrassing story that you can use as an ice breaker. Maybe you forgot to get off the bus and ended up in a bad area, for example.

In other words: show up, approach, DHV.

Lebanon university game challenges

Idane until you actually approach you won’t get a good feel of the situation. I suspect the girls that you see as cold will be friendly and open once you talk to them.

Universities in Lebanon aren’t party areas because all the students party and go out to regular bars and clubs. You have parties inside the university on very few occasions. Therefore the girls you see walking around aren’t in a party mindset.

Nightlife is king for meeting girls in Lebanon but still you can approach in the day and farm leads and contacts. In my experience lebanese girls do give a lot of iois but again that’s mostly in nightlife or in the day when they’ve seen you frequently or an extended period of time.

Lebanon university game challenges

One main thing to consider:
Arab traditional societies (Lebanon is probably less traditional) don't see approach as a good way to socialize. You need more of a social circle. Try building one.

However, as @Beirut correctly noted, approach first and then see. You will probably need to calibrate a few times till you find the vibe

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