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Forum Announcement: The history of

Forum Announcement: The history of

The history of

From 2008 to 2019, has been a phenomenal encyclopedia about game & travel.
Sadly, it has been lost after roosh decided to delete most of the content, due to seeing it as sinful, after his christian conversion.

After finding a barely usable, but precious 100 GB copy of the forum, made on the 24th may 2019, I decided to work on it:
  • Converting the warc format to an easily readable html one
  • Coding python scripts to parse over 85,000 files to recover data about more than 13,000 users, 45,000 threads, and almost 2 millions of posts
  • Merging lost posts from the 2015 archive into the 2019 archive
  • Converting the whole thing to a MyBB compatible database
  • Fixing various bugs about attachments, images, videos, formatting...
  • Creating a design to make it look like the original forum, for the nostalgia
  • Installing a mobile design for phone users
  • Paying and configuring an offshore server, which should stand attacks and DMCA requests
  • Paying a domain name. It was originally mean to be, but the registrar fucked it up!!

That was a lot of work. But I think it was worth it.
The site averages 350 unique visitors per day, with a lot of lurkers who spend sometime hours reading it.

The future of
The site will stay online as long as I see there is enough interest for it.

Dear lurkers: let's register and interact with us: You can use any username and password you wish to.
Nobody should fear to get banned for no reason, like it used to happen on RVF and still is happening on STW. Only shit quality posters and spammers will get purged out.
Freedom of expression is important.
The main focus of the forum is still and will forever be Game & travel. Political talks are authorized in the dedicated subsection.

Who am I

I'm just a random guy who was surprised that nobody rebuilt the forum before I did. Apparently coding skills aren't so common Wink 
Although I had an account on, I was mainly a lurker. Surely no one knows me.
My interests in life are money, women, and spirituality.

Privacy & Security

The forum is hosted in a low profile country, with no DMCA laws, thus it should stand time & censorship.

We have strict no-doxxing rules. If you have any concern, send me a private message.
None of your information will be shared with a third-party.
One exception: If you do disgusting illegal things, and that I receive a fully, legally valid subpoena order, it may be shared with authorities.

Your passwords are stored with a one-way encryption method. Though, it is still recommended that you use an unique password, for extra security.
You don't need to use your real e-mail to register, you can use a temporary one. Keep in mind that if your e-mail isn't valid, you won't be able to reset your password if you forget it.

Hope to see you post!

Peace Heart