is a fully functional forum: you can search, register, post new threads etc...
Old accounts are inaccessible: register a new one, or recover it when possible. x


No doxxing: do not ever reveal personal information of other members.
If you post pictures of girls, you can not reveal their identities (i.e. face and all identifying features must be blurred)
Every dox will be permanently deleted and the doxxer banned

No impersonation: username and avatar must be unique.

Focus of the forum:
This forum is about game, travel and lifestyle.

Sporadic posts containing hatred, negativity, rage etc... will be tolerated, but if those are the only things you are capable of, you will be banned.
New users posting insults, negativity, rage etc... will be banned and all their messages deleted.
Racism is strictly prohibited. Voicing your opinion on the subject is prohibited. Voicing opinion on this rule is prohibited.
Political talks/debates are strictly to be posted in the "Politics" subforum.

P4P is forbidden.
Don't post ads.