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Posted by: nampa
09-25-2022, 10:47 PM
Forum: Travel
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I do much traveling, like the others here, so I am always looking for ways to skim off the outrageous flight prices these days, after 911 with the 40 dollar 'security fees' to get molested at TSA, to the 2008 surcharges for the goldman sachs oil manipulation that never went away, to the merging of the airlines, decay in service (massive delays, lost connections, etc.), and now rampant inflation. I have also noticed no real benefit of travel agencies, e.g. Expedia, which seems to have higher prices than the airlines with the added inconvenience of having to deal with flight issues directly with them.

After several hours, a few cross-outs came to mind, the whole Chase ecosystem, though good with point accumulation through travel purchases, forces you to use the points through their portal system, which has inflated prices commensurate with the point awards, about 6 percent or so. Has this been others' experiences? The flight insurance does not cover missed connections or having to rebook flights to get to your destination faster after a flight fail. Also, annual fees vary widely.

American Airlines is one of the last airlines with a wide selection of foreign destinations, but their air mile scheme is dynamic and opaque. At 2 miles/dollar spent, what you can get with the points/miles varies widely, to the point where the bank of american rotating categories card (includes 3 percent off booked travel) may be better. 

Basically, the main points in such a card that is valuable is:

1. priority check in (whether a dedicated line or using the first class line), to avoid the 30-2 hr. waits, depending on the airport. These are real killers to get on the airplane and are worse than the security wait, particularly for airports with large immigrant ports of entry, like Miami. 

2. Reasonable miles/points bulidup--this is quit difficult to calculate due to dynamic pricing. I have been on the phone and read online, and I don't really have a grasp on it. The 2 mile/1 dollar AA cards come out to approximately 3.5 percent cash back, given enough time and averages...

3. Change fees and rebooking fees--if these could be done away with, that would be great. About 30 pecent of the time, some airline or airport snafu happens that jeopordizes getting to work or to the destination. 

4. Benefits/perks--credits to flights, uber, hotels, lounges have value--but to a point. What cards have a good balance with this vs. a vs. fees?

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Posted by: Cronus
09-24-2022, 06:09 PM
Forum: RVF Revival Taskforce
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First off, kudos to Citron for the great restoration. While browsing the old content, a couple thoughts crossed my mind in terms of new members and the forum as a whole.

1. If this forum is going to make a comeback, it needs to build trust. With all that's going on in the world today trust has become paramount. I'd bet there are old forum members browsing that would come back to the fray, but are hesitant. How do we build that trust back?

2. The separation of old and new content. It's been a few years since the old forum died and that should be acknowledged. By separating the forum we can give room for growth without being overwhelmed by the mass amount of old content. The next generation of posters should start new threads and not revive old ones. If an original thread had a lot of good content, the OP should link back to it.

It's going to take a long time to create an online community that men will once again want to be part of, but it's a challenge worth taking.

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Posted by: FromageQuiPue
09-17-2022, 08:29 PM
Forum: Travel
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Hello, today I am going to explain to you why France is one of the worst country in the world if you have any ambition in life.

[Image: Total-tax-revenues-gdp.png]

- I am going to start with the obvious : France is THE most taxed country in the world. The tax revenue to GDP ratio is above 50% as you can see on the map. As an example, if your boss pays you 70000 euros, then 33000 euros (53% tax) will get into your pocket after removing the social contributions and the taxes. It's even worse, if he pays you 184000 euros, only 74000 euros (60% tax) will get into your pocket. So even though your salary is low, you cost a lot of money to your employer. 

- Now let's say you are still motivated to create a business after hearing that. Well, I have some great news for you. Thought you could avoid social contributions by doing freelancing? Yeah sure, but then you're not allowed to rent an apartment. That's correct, in France, if you don't have a salary it's basically IMPOSSIBLE to rent (due to landlord insurance policies). Don't even think you could make fake salary contracts, because landlords can verify your tax sheet on the government website and see if your revenue comes from a salary or not. Company owners pay themselves a salary to mitigate the issue, or they buy an apartment or have a wife who has a salary. 

- "Ok, what about being a landlord then?" Well, the reason why landlord insurances are so strict is that if your tenant stops paying you, it can take up to 2-3 years to evict him (French law). 

- "Can't evict these bums, how about firing someone from your company?" Salaried people have a lot of rights and it's very difficult to fire someone. They can sue you if you make mistakes.  

- For the people who are still motivated to start a business here, I have to tell you something. The accounting requirements will crush you, so you'll have to pay an accountant $3000 per year to handle it. Company law is complex (I checked the us company law and it's way simpler). Banks are very exigeant with financial reports if you ever dare to ask them for help.

- "Well wait, FromageQuiPue, there MUST be a way to make it here, else the country would have no companies". Yes, there is one : You must go to the top 2 engineer schools or the top 2 business schools. Each of these schools accepts about 1000 people per year so it's 4000 in total. These people are the Elite and they are the only people allowed to succeed in France to start a business or to make a career in a big company. 50% of them will stay in Paris over their life so if you take the 25-55 years old who went to these school, you will get : 4000 * 50% * 30 years = 60000 of these people living in Paris and ruling over the rest of the population. They are the only people who will get investments or that businesses will accept to do b2b with without too much hassle.

- "Ok, got it man, France is not a place to succeed for the commoner. Guess I'm gonna enjoy a simple life in some 2nd tier city then. These Elite only stay in Paris right?". Yeah they kinda stick there, but you should know another thing about France : It's the country of Europe the most invaded by immigrants (makes sense why it's the most taxed country in the world now?). And by the way by law it's forbidden in France to make statistics about race. Anyway, these people are EVERYWHERE nowadays, except in expensive neighborhoods of Paris. So forget about your quiet life in a 2nd tier city. These africans are violent and if you go out at night in say Nantes or Lyon, you have high risk of getting mugged or even killed. The cities are filled with them nowadays it looks more like a 3rd world shithole than French cities.

- "2nd tier is done, so only option left is to flee to a smaller city and life a quiet life in the country side". Nope, the French cucks thought about everything you see. This law states that any city over 15000 people must have at least 25% of social housing :

- "Fuck this country, I'll then just lookmaxx and be a playboy". French women are all under birth control so the majority is kinda like a MacDonalds, not organic food. Anyway, french men are strong competition like italians. So you can spend all your money on expensive clothes and on drinks, like most young french people do.

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Posted by: icycalm
09-15-2022, 10:07 AM
Forum: Everything Else
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Why is Swoop hidden?

It’s because they’re faggots now? It was headed that way last time I checked, when it was open. I suppose they all have monkeypox now and need to hide it.

Can’t think of any other reason.

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Posted by: icycalm
09-15-2022, 12:57 AM
Forum: Game
- Replies (2)

I wonder what an effect it would have if you went around opening girls with a giant swastika on your shirt. It would be extremely polarizing, which I can see having a positive effect in the sense that girls want exciting and not boring guys, and you certainly can’t call a neo-Nazi “boring”. A swastika on your shirt is basically instant “bad-boy” status in a way that no other accessory can give you. And you immediately have something to talk about lmao, though you should of course steer the discussion away from politics as soon as possible, just because it is unproductive with females (who basically don’t give a shit about politics, especially if they’re young and pretty).

Keep in mind also that racism is rising in White countries, in Sweden for example the far-right, ex-Nazi party just nearly came first in the national elections, so it’s not the ‘90s or 2000s anymore, and this stuff is becoming mainstream. It remains an open question however exactly what types of girls would not be repulsed by this ideology. My guess is the worst and the best kind: vile sluts and smart girls. It is the mediocre that will give you the most trouble. That’s my guess at any rate.

So I think that with this move, you eliminate entirely the issue of girl apathy in an approach. Even the most apathetic will react in some way, and the game will be on!

Goes without saying this isn’t an easy tactic, it’s not even a safe one. You will eventually be harassed by bystanders, maybe even cops. But if you’re smart and strong and daring, it might be something you want to try.

Really the only thing I need is a place to buy the shirt at this point. I’ll google it right now, and report back when I have results.

Another important consideration is whether to have the swastika in the front or in the back. I imagine it would make a huge difference both for the approaches, and for your personal safety.  Even more hardcore would be a tattoo on your face lmao. Watch the movie Shot Caller if you want to get inspiration on that, and many other things besides (like White supremacy fashion tips).

P.S. And btw, I suspect that non-Whites using this tactic will clean up. I think it would be nitrous for their sex life, on top of just being hilarious as fuck. Like I would pay money to see the infields. There are right-wing alternatives to YouTube now, someone should try it.

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Posted by: citron
09-14-2022, 02:26 AM
Forum: RVF Revival Taskforce
- Replies (3)

Tell me what's your opinion about that.

It would be nothing like STW: guests would still be able to see the forums, the threads, and click on threads, but the text content of the posts (except the first one), would be hidden for non-registered users. Something like this:

[Image: image.png]

Once registered, users would feel like they could as well use their account to participate.

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Posted by: citron
09-14-2022, 02:12 AM
Forum: RVF Revival Taskforce
- Replies (1)

Some well known members who also happen to have a big following are hard to contact.
If anyone know a way to chat with them and maybe convince them to share a link on their blog/twitter, that would attract many users:

West Indian Archie

He didn't connect since 2020 on SWT, and his site doesn't accept new registrations to try to contact him thru the comment section

Moma and RudeBwoy

Their site doesn't contain any contact info. Their twitter doesn't accept DM.

Naughty Nomad

He won't answer/read me on twitter: I guess his inbox is overflooded or he just ignored me?
He also has a facebook group
I still haven't been granted access to this group. Please try to join and inform them about our forum.

Good news:

My Latin Life I've sent him a message but I think he didn't read it.


If you know anyone who could be interested and share a link on his site, please contact him and let me know

Reminder that you can check biggest posters here
And you can also check the biggest swoop posters (should we try to steal their members?)

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Posted by: citron
09-14-2022, 02:02 AM
Forum: RVF Revival Taskforce
- No Replies

I created this temporary forum, so all interested members can share their ideas to market the forum and attract new active users.

It's open to everyone and all ideas are welcome, except:

  • Spamming: The registrar (company who control the domain name) and host have a strict anti spam policy. Spamming could kill the forum.
  • Blackhat SEO: shady techniques to try to fool search engines could get us banned from Google

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Posted by: icycalm
09-11-2022, 05:55 PM
Forum: Everything Else
- Replies (4)

The ultimate test of a post-Roosh/nü-RVF forum is whether it can discuss Roosh and keep a thread open on him. Swoop failed hilariously at this, opening multiple threads because the braindead admins kept closing them despite it being blatantly obvious that that was the one subject everyone wanted to discuss.


So let’s talk about Roosh. Not for one day, one week, or even one month.


Let’s just keep a thread open on him, indefinitely. He deserves it, and the internet deserves it.

Personally, I can’t believe what he has become and what his community has become. In my 25 years on the internet I have never seen a man and a community being so thoroughly destroyed.

It’s basically a mini-re-enactment of Europe’s descent into the dark ages. If you wanted to see what it is like to go from the glories of Greece and Rome to a bunch of retarded monks whipping themselves in their cells, you got it. That is the power of Christianity, and it’s the same online as off.

As for the (inevitable?) Renaissance to this digital dark age we’re in, will it be this forum?

It all depends on me and you, and on our gracious new host!

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Posted by: Archivist
09-02-2022, 09:50 PM
Forum: Game
- Replies (3)

This guy need help, desperately.  Some anonymous, constructive criticism might help.

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