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Posted by: annadrill
Yesterday, 11:15 PM
Forum: Life
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Мне очень нужен контакт проверенного массажиста

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Posted by: leanandcuisine
Yesterday, 05:36 PM
Forum: Game
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My night game is good for night clubs, walk in, dance floor, approach a woman, grind with her, drink, dance again, go home with her.

However, I want to do night game at bars. I have no idea how to do bars. The idea of sitting at the bar and talking to someone on the side sounds like a nightmare. I have talked to women at the bar at a night club standing but sitting next to someone and talking for a long time does not sound like fun. Or maybe I am too impatient?

How do I night game at bars?

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Posted by: burnerman3000
07-15-2024, 06:21 PM
Forum: Game
- Replies (3)

I am curious on what's everyone views on this topic. I was a lot younger when I first joined this forum in its original form and accordingly, dated much younger girls. Nowadays, many girls in my approximate age range (30-40) are either:

1) Single but crazy: Divorced and/or Rode the cock carousel for long enough and looking for the real men now.
2) Single but with kids: Had kids early and now single
3) Divorced with kids: Got married early, had kids, now single.
4) Date younger girls only

#4 is obviously the best solution but especially in the USA, alot seem to expect sugerdaddies if they want to date or LTR.


Go abroad?

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Posted by: nebula79283
07-11-2024, 07:42 PM
Forum: Travel
- Replies (16)

Hey there! I'm a new member but I've often browsed the site and received mixed reviews. I'm an American software engineer and plan to visit Germany sometime next year in the summer. Could any of the members give recommendations of where to go? I have heard good things about munich.

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Posted by: Archivist
06-30-2024, 11:21 AM
Forum: Travel
- Replies (2)

Find out where they vacation.  For example, the Greek kamakia lived off Scandinavian tourists because northern Europeans like cheap, warm beaches in Greece.  Canadians similarly go to the Caribbean in winter.

The biggest current opportunity is Russia.  Due to the Ukraine war, Russians can no longer travel to most European countries (besides Serbia and Montenegro).  The most popular Russian vacation countries are Turkey and UAE.  But Turkey has become oversaturated with draft dodgers, and has high inflation.

That leaves U.A.E.  Obviously choose Dubai, not Abu Dhabi.  In addition to being more liberal, Dubai has the "Sex and the City" image. Many Russian women are visiting now.

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Posted by: Tinderboosts
06-13-2024, 10:19 PM
Forum: Game
- Replies (20)

Hey guys, basically - it's been 2 years that I found a way to get basically free tinder boosts/super boosts/super likes / view if message was read. 
It's by exploiting a bug in the app. 

I am not going to share the method - but - if someone is interested - I can offer very cheap package:

16 tinder boosts + activate the 12 hours boost at 70$. 

The trick was working very well since recently, sometimes payment get rejected. So the price will be 20 $ for the 12 hours tinder boost and 3$ for each boost that I'll be able to provide.

This is extremely helpful when you travel to new city.  

The way it works is that I'll login to your tinder on my phone - and I will buy using my profile. Google will later reimburse me.  I have done this literally hundreds of times for myself and for some close friends. 
All the payments will be linked to my google account. And google will refund me - but the boosts will be in your tinder account. 

You can contact me on telegram @tinderfreestuff 

I am not a scammer, I am in the pickup scene since about 12-14 years, since before RSD julien made PIMP product and since the OG days of Tom Torero and I used to watch also the Johnny Berba 99% rejection rate. 

telegram @tinderfreestuff

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Posted by: listensoda
06-11-2024, 10:45 PM
Forum: The Pit
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I am often baffled at how stupid americans are. Something that I've come across recently is that these vermins love to call themselves "mom" and "dad" of their pets. How do I know that? I watch animal videos on social media. I read animals subreddits. I thought they couldn't go lower than they already were but I find this behavior particularly disturbing as someone who (thanksfully) is not from the usa. 

Any opinions from americans on this matter?

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Posted by: Dmoney
06-09-2024, 03:06 AM
Forum: Everything Else
- Replies (1)

Anyone here bet on political props? Seems to be a hot area.

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Posted by: obeycurtain
06-08-2024, 04:27 AM
Forum: The Pit
- Replies (7)

As a white chad living in France, I have often wondered why nigger women act the way they do :
- Their hair smells like hay
- Many just shave their head and wear ridiculous wigs. They look like a monkey wearing makeup
- They like to wear tattoos to merge with the trash they live in
- Their skin is often full of blemishes

Can someone help me understand the logic behind those apes' minds?

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Posted by: worldpeace3
06-06-2024, 10:24 PM
Forum: Travel
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I spent a week in Quito, and these have been my observations and experiences.

Quito is an old, historic city, the oldest capital in South America (founded in the 1500s.) The weather is cooler, and the closest culture I can compare it to is the American Pacific Northwest -- rainy, cooler weather inspires people to be a bit more closed off both in terms of clothing, and personality than say a Lima-local.

I pipelined ahead of time, and I managed to accumulate phone numbers for several local women. It started great at first, meeting a cute 29 year-old at the bar, before going back to my place. After a few days, I had never met a more entitled, and less attractive group of Latin American women before. I have never experienced such chronic ghosting, stand-ups, or flaking before this. The best way I can describe the women here is they're odd, and very prickly. They can be very squeamish about meeting after 8 PM. And I say this as I'm staying in a very nice, secure area. In Lima or San Salvador, I would invite a woman out at 10 PM, and she shows up no problem, hell there was even a time where a girl said she'll come over after her shift at 1 AM and there she was. These situations seemingly do not occur here.

Had I not experienced the greatness of other LATAM countries, my contempt for the dating culture wouldn't be so acute. I did manage to score, but only with age-appropriate women via apps (I'm in my 30s.) Daygame is best in Parque Carolina and Quicentro Mall. But chances of seeing a stunner are rare. And seeing a stunner in an approachable context (solo or with a friend) is even rarer. Overall, I give this city a DNB warning to -- do not bang Quito. Opt for Lima, or San Salvador instead, which has way more approachable, DTF women, and it has better weather. 

If you absolutely must visit Quito, here are my recommendations...

- De La Llama (great spot)
- Marcando El Camino (they are generally reservation-only, but it's well worth it.)

- Santa Rosa (decent local beers)
- Rock and Mint (they play great music, plus great logistics if you're staying in Parque Carolina)
- Liverpool (kind of an older WASP bar inside of a hotel, not great for dates, but cool to grab a quick pint and recharge)

- Love Me (Rooftop/dancing)
- Mongos 
- Katari

- The bakery at the bottom of the IQON building, the name escapes me (Parque Carolina)
- Cafe Europa (they have outdoor seating for smokers)

Things To Do:
- Secret Garden Hostel's free walking tour
- Iglesia San Francisco

- Be sure to stay around either Parque Carolina or downtown (near the sights)

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