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Forum Announcement: Recovering your old account

Forum Announcement: Recovering your old account

I've decided to enable the recovery of old accounts for people who can prove they are the original owner.

Recovery is possible if you are in one of the following cases:
  • You still have access to your account at
  • You had a website linked to your RVF account, and still have access to it.
  • You have a reputable account registered on STW with the very exact same username you had on RVF.
  • You can prove you are the owner in another way, with absolute certainty.

In these cases, I'll ask you to prove that you own the account/website by adding a number in your signature or posting a small post. Once it's done, I'll manually reset your password and send it to you.

If you created a new account before recovering your old one, accounts can be merged upon request.

To contact me for the procedure, create an account and send me a private message.