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Dealing with culture shock and the rage that ensues?

Dealing with culture shock and the rage that ensues?

What food are you eating usually ? Is it cheap to cook or dine out?

Dealing with culture shock and the rage that ensues?

Quote: (08-28-2015 10:26 AM)Fortis Wrote:  

Sup playas,

I'm entering my fourth month in china and I find myself constantly angry and sullen. I just feel so much antipathy for the people here--but I know I'm being irrational. I've talked with other people about this and they all tell me it's natural and that it will either pass or I'll get the fuck out of china before anything drastic happens.

How do you guys deals who have lived abroad for months on end cope with the first few months in any locale? I just find myself oscillating between anger, awe, disgust and amusement.

I didn't read much of the rest of this topic, but as someone who has lived in various cities throughout Asia for 5 years, you sometimes just have to go straight to the fact that other people are simply leading an inferior way of life to you.

That's right - the way they lead their lives, and the way they behave, goes against humanity's "free" nature and their lives are narrow, uneventful and bland as a result. There's often nothing you can do but feel sorry for them. Just be happy that you are outside of the matrix and can view the world in a more objective light than they. Most chinese suffer from severe egotism. The exotic factor, IMO, outweighs these infuriating moments, and in general am immune to the retardation of mainland chinese. But I still understand where you are coming from and you just really have to focus on dominating the general local population. Sorry if this all sounds insulting to "local cultures" and living abroad in general.

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Dealing with culture shock and the rage that ensues?

World traveler, if you like weird cuts of meat the. Guangdong is for you. That said, you can buy fish and chicken breast very cheaply, like 1 usd for a single breast that is rather large. I cook most of my food by using my rice cooker as an impromptu slow cooker. That chicken comes out tender as fuck.

You can eat out for a reasonable price if you like fast food or noodles and rice, but the better the food the more expensive it gets. It all really depends on your budget. How much are you willing to spend to eat out every night?

Cyclone, I replied to your email.

I won't say my way of life is superior to the Chinese way, but I have some real issues with behavior here that is taking me some time to adjust to. It's like I'll get super pissed off about something and then I'll be laughing my Ass off the next hour because my students and friends are good people. Essentially I feel a little bipolar at times.

I find myself wondering what's up with myself because I know so many people here who just love it whereas I'm largely just trying to find ways to benefit from being here without being completely turned off from the people.

I've spoken to quite a few people about my experience here and they've given me a range of advice but a lot of it boils down to this: adapt or leave.

I will be checking my PMs weekly, so you can catch me there. I will not be posting.

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