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The Republican Primary is a Sham!?

The Republican Primary is a Sham!?

Right wing, left wing, you're still attached to the same fucking bird.

The Republican Primary is a Sham!?

The Republican Primary is a Pump-and-Dump


UM: What is…what is a “pump and dump”?

Insider: It’s old school politics. A political tactic. Been around since Jesus was a kid. It’s – now you remember the “McCain the Campaign” thing, right? How he was done then shot up in the polls outta nowhere. Money started pouring in. I know you gotta remember that. A political pump and dump is a version of that…it’s the version. The McCain thing was a bit of a variation but the principle is exactly the same.

UM: And what is the principle? The purpose?

Insider: Chaos. Uncertainty. Infighting. Repress the vote. You notice the stories about low voter turnout? You see that happening? That’s gotta be makin’ the Obama people very-very happy. Godd–mn Republicans are losing this thing. Idiots gonna lose this if they don’t get their sh-t together right quick now.

UM: What low turnout?

Insider: You ain’t seen those stories?

UM: No.

Insider: Well of course not. See there – that’s the kind of thing I’m talkin’ about here. You’re too busy copying the other damn fools in helping with the pump and dump. God—mit!

UM: Explain the numbers – the low turnout. What are you talking about there?

Insider: The primary votes – the turnout. They started strong…been trailing off badly more recently. People are getting…the motivation has been turned off. That’s one of the benefits of the pump and dump. Now you combine that with the bullsh-t stories on the economy and you lower the agitation in the country. And when folks ain’t pissed…the tie goes to the incumbent. That’s the end result. That’s what the Obama team is playin’ for now. The tie goes to the incumbent.

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