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A full quarter of American Women are mentally ill

A full quarter of American Women are mentally ill

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There are plenty of examples you can dig up and find out all those moms who remained feminists in spite of motherhood.

True. But I'm thinking about averages. If we want to make women mentally healthier on average, get them pregnant younger.

Definitely. But in regards to ideology I doubt it makes much difference.

You're wrong about this, warrior. Married women have very distinct political views and voting patterns from unmarried/childless women. Here's a snapshot from a recent election:


64 percent of unmarried women said they would vote for Obama over Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, according to a Democracy Corps survey analyzed by Democratic pollsters. Only 31 percent picked the GOP candidate. The gap — 33 points — was 10 points bigger than in it was in January.

Now look at what married women say: 56 percent said they would vote for Romney, and only 37 percent of married women are for Obama

As well, unmarried women are more driven by identity politics and are easier to manipulate. Married women on the other hand are focused on the well-being of their families and their childrens' future. They want lower taxes, higher wages for their husbands and a better economy.

Single moms are a category of their own, they lack the mental stability of being in a stable family structure.

What cannot be ruled out as far as I know is self-selection bias. As feminist women are more likely to be single and childless already. And less feminist inclined and non-feminist women are more likely to be married wives and mothers.

It could be that that instead of married pregnancy for everyone involved that it is self-selection of women who are already right wing who are more likely to be pregnant and married.

Plus I think as they choose the lifepath they become more set in their ways and the subsequent consequences of lives reinforce their attitudes and views.

Like mental illness already existing getting worse due to childlessness or that ideology leads to lives that increase mental illness.

A full quarter of American Women are mentally ill

Just an anecdotal observation: I live in Iowa City, but I visit Madison, Wisconsin, to visit my girlfriend on occasion. It's crazy how stunning the cultural difference is. Iowa City is mostly full of robust, healthy, beautiful, and nice women seeking mates to raise a family within Christian values. Madison, on the other hand, is full of these ugly leftist girls who are overweight and bitter. The city itself features bad poverty and alcoholism, and every time I visit there is this really depressing vibe. It's truly disturbing to witness the change and yet these cities are only 3 hours drive from one another and both are midwestern. It should be proof that a liberal agenda leads to degeneration.

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