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Post Nightclub Game

Post Nightclub Game

Last night I picked up an 8 at the club.

She followed me around for the night. Had some comfort building on couches. Transferred to the dance floor for some close dancing and she kept going for a make out. Understanding that making out means nothing, I gave her my number and she left right after. I did not chase after her.

About an hour later she was asking where I was.

These were the texts
Her: where are you?
Me: figuring out my place to stay. how about you
Her: going back to my place
Me: address?
Her: cant because (insert lame excuse). Have a good night and I just want to make sure you safe.

Needless to say i did not respond and i don't really know how to handle this moving forward. Mostly wondering if she is worth a phone call and a going out offer.

Post Nightclub Game

Why did you give her your number? Was she leaving? You probably would've done better to try to leave the venue with this girl, especially since she was making out with you (and she was the one initiating it!).

And after she texted you, you probably could've invited her to your places for "drinks and movies" or something. I don't see much more coming out of this.

Post Nightclub Game

Yea I’ve read some stuff here that making out means nothing and in my experience it’s been a bit mixed. Regardless I strongly believe phone numbers are much much worse in terms of conversion at clubs. So if she’s showing iois keep her around. Especially If this is a big club where you’re not “planting seeds” (I.e. she’s gone once she walks away), I would hesitate ending this sort of interaction. She demonstrated so much interest this was a dont fuck it up situation imo. I would’ve personally gone the makeout and escalate hard route eg start fingering her on the dance floor get her wet and propose gtfo’ing when horny/ drunk enough.

Just one mans perspective.
Edit: one addition is when she said leaving say hold on come say bye first where are u and try to convince in person.

Post Nightclub Game

Thanks for the advice guys and it's well taken. To be honest I'm really green to night clubs, I was treating it like a day game to my mistake.

Post Nightclub Game

She texted you first which shows extremely high interest. Just send a lighthearted and fun restart text after like 3 days. If she answers, run text game and ask her out on a date and go from there

She texted you first because you didn’t give her the validation she wanted which is a good thing

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Post Nightclub Game

You played it right but not every girl puts out on the first date.

She's not physically around you anymore so now you gotta ramp up the flirting.

On Mondays I will write a weekly to do list. Add her name to it, take a picture and send it to her to kick it off and take it from there...

Post Nightclub Game

Send a restart text either Wednesday or Thursday. Ask her if she will be going out again this weekend, and that you should meet up. This time try to build more comfort, create sexual tension and play everything right, then take her ass back to your place. But in case she isn't going out, tell her you had a good time with her at the club and want to see her again. You could play it safe and say something like "you seem cool, we should hang out, get to know each other better."

Tease her a bit if she's hesitant. I usually say this if she isn't going out the following weekend. "Oh that's too bad, do i really have to wait that long to see you again? How about we do something fun this week? I wonder if you're always that fun and energetic to be around or it's just a night out thing Wink"

If they like you enough, they usually try to qualify for you and try to prove a point. It's a good bait.

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