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VP In China, Part II

VP In China, Part II

Exactly 3 years to the day after my first very positive experience in China, in Guangzhou
(thread-15175...uangzhou), I landed back in the Middle Kingdom in Shanghai on a tuesday afternoon 2 weeks ago. The flight was once again on the same route that last time around as explained in my GZ thread, through the East, flying over Greenland, then the Arctic and finally Siberia and Mongolia before descending towards Shanghai.

I was once again, glued almost the entire duration of the 14 hour flight to the window, taking in the fantastic scenery along the way. After an uneventful flight, where once again, I was lucky to have an empty seat at the back of the plane besides me. Which for a long flight to Asia, is a lifesaver!

Upon landing in PVG, I had to locate the bus station to get on the bus to my destination, Hangzhou, the city where Marco Polo labelled as the Most Beautiful City In the world in his days. In my short time here, I can confirm that this is indeed a pretty city with loads of pretty sights, both in scenery and in girls! More on that later...

So why China?

Well, there are many reasons for that.

China is THE land of opportunties par excellence, in every aspect. Work wise and not just any boring life sucking job! I'm talking about exciting jobs that young guys can have a realistic shot at, at the contrary of back home. I've also been wanting to learn Chinese ever since I first got there 3 years ago. However, trying to learn Chinese on my own, outside of China has been an exercise in futility so far. Thus, the necessity of being immersed into the culture, where it's a matter of survival on a daily basis to learn to speak it.

Not wanting to return to Corporate and since Oil has been down, I started looking at what I really wanted to do. In the meantime, ever since my first trip to China, my goal was to return but this time, not for a couple of weeks but rather, to spend a year or 2 if not 5. China, is no secret, is where it's really at opportunity wise. China is a mid-long term investment (think 3-5 years) that will yield very handsome dividends for anyone willing to put in the time.

Well, after being laid off from my job in the oil sands towards the end of January, I went back home to Toronto. Got a finance job right away in downtown wearing a suit and tie, but I could only take it for 3 weeks. Walking in among a sea of zombies and being stuck in a cubicle for 8.5 hours a day, not to mention 2 hour commute each way costing me 30 bucks a day on commuting alone! definitely wasn't for me.

At the same time, for over a year now, I've been chatting and talking with a fellow RVFer from Toronto who's been living in China for a few years (Nonpareil). Big shout out to you brother! Another guy who's been helping me and giving great feedback and tips on China has been my good friend Badwolf whom I had met in GZ in my first trip. Even tough he's no longer a member here, I still keep in touch with him. He's a great guy. Pity he got banned as he is a very experienced China guy. Both Badwolf and NonPareil have been giving me great feedback and dropping an ungodly amount of tips and been filling me up with how it is living in China. They've been telling me how chill and fun it can be to come teach English in China.

Over the weeks and months, and in light of me having not the slightest desire to return to Corporate, the prospect of teaching English in China started to sound quite alluring. So finally, around mid-end of June, being uber bored in Boretown, I pulled the trigger and started the process of getting a job in China. Nonpareil introduced me to an agent that he knows and while talking to this guy on Skype about the type of jobs available given my background, the conversation somehow turned into football (soccer). He asked me if I like football, I told him it's like my 2nd religion! He then asked me if I can coach football. At first I thought nothing of it and answered that yeah I've coached before, first in high school and also in college and that I played to a decent level while in France (up to under 15 nationals).

The next question that J (let's call him J) asked me, was one that would change everything. It made me go from "ok, that's interesting" in regards to getting an English teaching gig, to "are you for real? Where do I sign?" when he mentioned if I wanted to coach football in China?

After asking him several times if he was serious or just playing with me, J reassured me that he can get me a football coaching job within a day or 2. True to his words, less than 24 hours later, he had an offer in my inbox to coach a middle school, part time, with free apart, work visa and airfare refunded at the end of the contract at the end of June of next year.

My gig is 20 hours per week of coaching at a middle school, with lots of free time to learn Chinese and just chill. The school is a small one, the field is brand spanking new with synthetic grass. Everyone has been very nice and very helpful so far. The students have been good too. I was and am blown away by the level of discipline displayed by the Chinese kids and how obedient and respectful they are towards the teachers! Each time they see me, they do like a bow almost like a Thai wai but without the hand gesture. Incredibly refreshing! The complete opposite of kids in schools in North America who don't give a damn about a teacher...

1. Land of Opportunities: Cool, Interesting and Fulfilling Jobs Galore!

That's obvious that China is THE hottest market in the world right now and for the foreseeable future. The locals spending power is exploding, their thirst for foreign goods and everything exotic (read not Chinese) is insatiable. The Chinese have money and they are looking to spend it on foreign goods and foreign expertise. This is where it's GREAT news for us, foreigners in China. I've had way more job offers thrown my way in the 2 weeks that I've been here and even before I got here than in the past 6 months in Toronto! And mind you, these are not just boring, mind numbing, soul crushing cubicle J.O.B.S!

I've had teaching gigs paying 150RMB/hr (31$/hr) for a guy with no prior teaching experience like me. The guy who offered me this gig said after each 100 hours worked, I'd get a raise of 20 RMBS (4 bucks)! So within 3 months, I could be making over 40 bucks an hour just to teach basic English to Chinese people! Looking at my resume, he said he could even get me gigs doing corporate training teaching business english charging a "LOT more than 150/hr".

Anyone in here knows how much is the going rate for corporate business training/teaching for both oral English and helping them draft business letters?

Other jobs I've been offered so far:

Got approached by a Chinese company to work for them. Upon meeting with the Marketing VP, and after he explained to me what their business was, which I liked, I told the guy that currently, his company is only exposed to the English speaking market. With my language skills and marketing and business experience, I can get his company and services into markets that he currently doesn't have any exposure to, that is the French speaking market, comprised of 4 of the richest countries in the world (France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium), not to mention half of Africa. That is a market of about almost 400M people! With Portuguese and Spanish, I can get him into a market of half a billion people in Latin America! Combined, these 3 markets represent a whopping billion people potential new clients! Not to mention the Italian market, another 80 or so million!

As I was explaining this to him, I could see his mind going crazy and his eyes getting bigger and bigger! He said he's very interested and wants me to work with them. His initial offer was a peanuts base salary plus 8% commission on any sales I'd generate. As hard as I wanted to laugh in his face and just walk away, I liked the company's services and I saw an immense opportunity so I tactfully counter offered what I thought was a fair deal. Which in hindsight, I realize I short changed myself! Lesson learned! I told him that with what I'd bring to the table, that is opening new untapped lucrative markets for him and his company, if they provide me with the marketing materials, I'd want at least 20% and if they want me to create the materials in those languages (French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), then 30% would be my minimum. He said he'll run it over with the owner first. A day later, he called me, saying the boss accepted and wanted to meet with me to sign the contract!

Another guy, foreigner, based in HZ for a few years, with his own import export company, approached me to help him expand his company into new markets using my skills. Since the guy flaked on me the day minutes before I was supposed to meet him, I've relegated him to the back of the queue for now.

The craziest thing is that I've had these offers without even trying other than just doing a short introduction on the expat wechat group in HZ through a contact from the Enter China private community! I can't even imagine what I'd get if i were to actively start looking or even better, started attending networking events! It simply is mind blowing!

At this time, my main focus is to learn Chinese asap. This would open a whole new world of incredible opportunities, work wise and business wise that I can't even imagine in my wildest dreams.

Not to mention, the calibre of girls that would become available to me with speaking Chinese! More on that later...

2. Land of Opportunities: Business Central!

Well, is there any need to expand on that any more that hasn't been done ad nauseam in here both by me and others? Check my thread from my first trip to China 3 years ago as I mention a few of the guys I met who have been building incredibly successful businesses while living in China. Whether it's importing foreign goods into China, building lucrative ecommerce businesses from China or taking advantage of the incredible opportunities that manufacturing in China affords us or becoming a connector between Chinese companies and foreign companies or foreign companies getting into China, the sky really is the limit here.

I've had offers in other cities but the main reason I chose Hangzhou was 2 folds:

- its proximity to Shanghai, only 1 hour by the high speed train. Shanghai is not only THE financial heart of China but one of the top 5 biggest business hubs in the world. Not to mention, the Greater Shanghai is the biggest metropolis in the world with over 40 Million people! And it's a pretty cool city too! For anyone who aspires to make killer connections with other foreign expats and also Chinese hot shots, no place better than Shanghai. Even more so and especially once you speak some Chinese!!!
- Hangzhou is where the HQ of Alibaba and Taobao is located and that was one of the main deciding factors for me. I do want to manufacture my own products and the area around Hangzhou and Shanghai is one of the most dense regions in terms of sheer number of factories. And I do fully intent on taking advantage of those killer logistics right in my backyard!

3. Endless sea of super sweet, feminine, sexy Chinese girls.

A major benefit of living in Asia and China in particular, is the endless sea of very sweet, uber feminine, sexy and pretty chinese girls. They are very caring and nurturing from what I've seen. My experience with Mainland Chinese girls is pretty limited as I just arrived and haven't had much experience with them directly, so for anything girls related, I can only direct you guys towards the phenomenal Chinese girls dating guide by Kai:
It is the most comprehensive and most complete guide on understanding Chinese girls and dating girls in China on the net bar none! Must read for anyone planning a trip to China or even better, already living in China.

I will post my comments about my own personal experiences with Chinese girls in this thread over time.

So far, I've been having a blast. People have been very friendly and nice to me, both at work and the people I meet every day. Every day, every little normal and mundane task is an adventure in itself.

Even tough teaching English is a very good option, this is not the only option for guys who have real work experience in the west or any valuable skills (like marketing, language skills or any other skills). If you are fit and sporty type, look into getting a coaching gig. Whether it be basketball, football, boxing, martial arts (looking at guys like Fisto or Rio Nomad in particular), you have that option and it is a very sweet gig. In my case, I just teach the basics of football such as passing and controlling the ball to kids aged 12-15. Most times I have a chinese assistant who helps with translating things and keeping the guys under control. But even when I have to do it all by myself, just with body language and showing them first what the exercise is they understand it as they're not dumb. Gotta admit that their football skills are very very basic but they're good kids, they want to learn and are open minded.

So guys, you do have other options! Always keep that in mind!

Another thing that's important to keep in mind, even if you start as a teacher/coach, whatever, that's only a starter gig. Use your time to network smartly and to learn the language and within a few months to a year tops, you can easily leverage your network/contacts and existing skills to get a better, more lucrative gig if that's the route you want to explore. For me, I'm happy with my sweet coaching gig and on my free time, I'm learning Chinese and building my ecommerce biz. The money I make with my coaching gig is enough to cover my living expenses.

I am very tempted to get either that part time teaching gig or that marketing gig and use that as a stepping stone to bigger things. Using the success of getting that first company to new markets and then going to Shanghai, with some Chinese under my belt within a year and approach bigger companies and secure a juicy and cushy international marketing consultant type of gig with a Chinese or foreign company. Or I may focus fully on the biz if the biz takes off. Lots and lots of options! That's the beauty about China. There are options and opportunities everywhere. It's just a matter of picking one, focusing on it and not get sidetracked and distracted by other "shining objects" as they will be thrown at you every single day. Multiple times a day!

All in all, coaching football is THE ideal starter job in China for me. I LOVE football, it's like my 2nd religion to me. Plus, one of the goals I had initially for my return to Asia was to get in shape. With this job, I'm getting paid to get in shape basically doing what I truly love. Can't really ask for anything better.

I'd like to once again repeat and emphasize to guys who are currently stuck in soul crushing and mind numbing dead end J.O.B. in North America or Western Europe/Australia/NZ, you do have options! China is happening, it's a land of unlimited opportunities. Whether you're just starting your life after college or you've been working for a few years in the corporate grind, there's a better option and that is to build a real life here in China. As my good friends Nick and Tim from the's motto is, "Lose the Ladder, Take the Elevator" to success in life by coming to China. In China, even as a relatively young and inexperienced guy, you can get access to or walk your way to interesting and fulfilling positions and career within a short time. Within 2-3 years you can achieve things that you could not even dream of achieving in 2-3 decades in the West. Why? Because China is happening and they are hungry for Western minds, ideas, creativity, expertise and experience.

You don't even need a big phat wad of cash to come here. 5K is more than enough to get you going. If you come with a job lined up, they will take care of everything. As soon as I arrived in my city, the company picked me up at the bus station and put me in a hotel in downtown for 2 nights until my apartment was ready. They helped me with all the basic necessity such as opening a bank account, getting a local phone number, getting all the medical tests done and getting registered at local police station and to have the proper visa paper work. That's the easiest and smoothest way to get in China and get going running as soon as you hit the ground. You will have people to help you from the get go.

Or you could come here on a tourist visa, check it out, use your time here (1-2 months) to get a good gig on your own and then have the company sponsor your visa. You may need to leave China for the visa process but it's not prohibitively expensive. I'm not sure but I imagine just going to a nearby country to get your visa sorted out without having to fly back to your country of origin would do it. Russia, Japan, Korea, Phils, or further south, Thailand and Vietnam are within very easy and very affordable reach from China.

So guys, don't sleep in on China! China is a happening place where things happen very fast here!

What are my goals for my first year in China?

- Being able to speak conversely in Chinese by the end of it.
- Having an ecommerce biz generating at least 5KUS$/month in profits by end of June 2016.
- Having built the foundation of a fulfilling lifestyle doing what I love doing.

- Being in the best shape of my life by next summer at the end of my coaching gig.
- Being surrounded by like minded guys, who are ambitious, masculine, entrepreneurs and all around well travelled guys.

- Girl wise, I'm not in China to rack up a huge number of notches. I'm at a stage in my life where I prefer quality over quantity. I want to find a quality girl and keep her as my main girl to go explore and travel around China together. A girl who's pretty, sweet, feminine as well as smart, a girl who's going to be an asset.

My main reason for being in China is to learn Chinese and to build a lifestyle, the way that I want. The last thing I want, is to have to return back to Canada to work in the oil sands (even tough the $ can be great, but the conditions can be brutal) and definitely not returning to the soul crushing Corporate grind! So I have no choice but to make China work for me and with me.

One thing I just realized I forgot to mention so far, is that as soon as you walk the streets in China, you notice an air of excitement around you. You sense the same kind of feeling of excitement that settlers in the New World must have felt at the beginning of the 18th century upon landing in what is now Canada and the US. A land filled with unlimited opportunities where dreams can and do come true. I have rarely been as excited as I am now and I've rarely felt as alive as I have been ever since I arrived in China almost 2 weeks ago. The excitement is very palpable. Not just in me but in anyone who's got any ounce of ambition in life.

I will keep this thread as a way to document my journey in the City known as Heaven on Earth, Hangzhou, a city that made the Great and Legendary Marco Polo fell in love and call it home for most of his adult life. I will share here my thoughts on living in China, working in China, dating in China, thoughts on experimenting the very diverse and at times challenging Chinese food, starting and running a business from China and anything else China related that I will experience along the way in my journey.

Guys, I invite you to join me, on my Journey in the land of Endless Opportunities, CHINA! [Image: banana.gif]

VP In China, Part II

It's going to be interesting to see how this first year goes for you. I hope you remain positive and passionate.

In particular, I'm curious to see how Hangzhou is for you emotionally. First tier city life can certainly be challenging to a person's sanity here in China. Hangzhou is considered a more beautiful Chinese destination and hopefully the local people more are pleasant than what I've experienced in Beijing and Tianjin.

Your experiences are definitely going to play a part in how soon a decide to visit the city for myself.

I'm the King of Beijing!

VP In China, Part II

VP best of luck

I will be following this thread. I will be working in Shanghai starting in January.

VP In China, Part II

Can't wait to follow this thread, VP. You have always been a beacon of optimism and ambition. It will be interesting to see if the cynacism you often hear about from long-term China exapts will creep up on even your unbridled outlook. I bet that with your talents and propensity for trying new things and meeting new people, however, you will be met with many adventures that will keep things fresh.

VP In China, Part II

Thanks guys for the positive and encouraging words! Much appreciated!
Yes it is a major move, but I am a firm believer that fortune favours the bold. I have always been an adventurer and very spontaneous at times and up to get going to try new things. It doesn't get any more challenging than China, a place I can't speak 2 words of yet and can't read understand anything yet. However, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the pay off. And I am ready for the challenge and optimistic about the future.

Let the Fun begin!!! [Image: banana.gif]

Btw, does anyone know a good dating site to pipeline for girls within China? Is any good? Anyone tried it?

I have installed Tantan and in about 3 weeks, I have almost 2K matches but it's going nowhere mainly due to my non existent Chinese. Any other apps that are worthwhile for within China?

VP In China, Part II

Oh and I forgot to mention that even tough as a kid, my dream was to become a professional football player, I never made it as I wasn't good enough. However, now that I'm working and getting paid as a football coach, working in the field I had always dreamed ever since I was a kid, now it makes me think, that if I were to take this coaching seriously and get proper accreditation for it, I am positive that within 5 years in China, I could get a gig as a professional coach at a professional club. First in China and then, who knows where it would take me...

That is the beauty of China. Things you never thought of possible suddenly and by miracle, almost becoming a concrete possibility.

Pursuing the coaching route is yet another option in front of me.

The more options, the more power one has. Always remember that guys!

God Bless China! [Image: smile.gif]

VP In China, Part II

Amazing post! Definitely widened my horizon and gave me new ideas.

VP In China, Part II

Thanks for sharing VP, that's one hell of a post.

Best of luck and keep us posted!

VP In China, Part II

Good choice in hangzhou. Not so chaotic compared to sh or bj, yet still a fairly wealthy area with lots of economic activity and beautiful scenery.

VP In China, Part II

China is experiencing the middle class boom which my country experienced in the 90's. They think every foreign thing is exotic and high class. In the 90's Burger King, McDonalds was frequented by well off people in Turkey contrary to its image in the states. People used to show off to each other how they ate in McDonalds.

VP In China, Part II

Nice post VP and happy for your early success in China! Looking fwd to reading further posts.

I will be back in SEA in few weeks w/ hopefully a short pit stop in Tokyo or Hong Hong.

Will ping you if I am able to come by your stomping ground! [/i]

VP In China, Part II

I'm happy for you and looking forward to hearing about your time there.

VP In China, Part II

You are a man true to his word unlike people I know, you practice what you preach.

I wish you the best of luck and hopefully we will link soon.

Damn, you should be an Ambassador for China.

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VP In China, Part II

That unpleasant reintroduction into corporate was a blessing in disguise. With your resourcefulness and "failure is not an option" approach, I don't expect it will be long before you're writing up posts in Chinese on how to bang soccer moms and have them pay you to do it.

Hangzhou hasn't gotten too much action on china-related posts here so all attention is on you.

I was curious about the weather and morning air quality (today), so am posting these as reference:

[Image: Screen_Shot_2015_09_21_at_4_12_24_AM.jpg]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2015_09_21_at_4_28_18_AM.jpg]

VP In China, Part II

I'm about to leave for my first training in an hour so no time to address the comments since last night. Thanks guys for the positive feedback and words of encouragement! Very much appreciated guys!

Rudeboy, what's going my man?
Thanks bro! We definitely need to link up.

Que tal amigo? So far, air quality has been good, not complaining, specially since I'm outside most of the time during the day. That was one of my worries prior to getting here but thankfully it's been more fears than anything.

Also, for some reason, I'm not able to reply to PMs. It's asking me Not sure what's going on. Will check into that later today/tonight.

A guy like you HAS to come here! You could easily carve a nice little and very lucrative niche for you here as a trainer/coach etc.

VP In China, Part II

On Friday afternoon during one of my trainings, there were a couple of women taking pics of the training. I wasn't psying much attention as I was focused on my training.

Today during lunch, the schools principal sat in my table and told me there's an article in the city's main paper about our school and the football section and that I was featured on it!

I have barely been in China for 2 week and I'm already in the newspapers! Things like that can only happen in China!

And last night had a dinner with an American guy who's been living in here for a few years. He has a successful company here and was inquiring about whether I could help him run his site!

When I said that offers for work and opportunities are thrown your way every single day, multiple times per day, this is what I meant! But it can also be a curse as you're constsntly distracted! But overall, it's a good problem to have!

God Bless China!!!

VP In China, Part II


I am immensely glad you finally made it out here. Like you, I know how hard it is where we are from - how hard it is to survive and thrive on one level (Case in point: I was back summer and not even in Toronto - a few hours outside Toronto, staying with my dad. I had about $2200 for seven weeks and I'm not a baller at home - I like to cook and drink a few beers at home and buy a few things I need, the only girl I fucked was one I fucked before already. I was paying no rent but paying gas when I needed to use a whip. I ran out of cash a week before I left. To live essentially a vagrant life in Ontario you need about $400 a week, fucking unbelievable...), but I also know how hard it can be to get away - from the friends, from the family, from the comforts of home, but I'm stoked you made the plunge.

Toronto has 4/10 weather (8/10 June, July, August and September, 6/10 May and October and 2/10 the rest), Hangzhou is pretty much 8/10 weather. Toronto is 1/10 cost of living, Hangzhou is like a 7. Toronto girls are a minuscule amount of 8-10's and a sea of 5's who think they're 8's, Hangzhou has 7-9 girls in abundance (some realize they're 9's, some 9's think they're 5's - ...God bless China indeed). My 'Hangzhou Girlfriend', or just my #1 when I was there was about 5'1, 95 lbs., she just stopped me on the damn street in front of KFC and sweet as candy, VP I will send you a pic. It's a good place.

I will be out to visit you in the future. I know how fast things change in China, but I did post a Data Sheet. Most of the action - the best bars, the best restaurants, the best cubs, the best girls, are clustered around Xihu, the West Lake. Bust your ass and stack your paper, get a sick bike with good range and you can certainly live there.

Hangzhou is a great 'Starter' city for China - English penetration is solid, there's a solid number of foreigners, standard of living is high, the air is adequate and it's close to quite a few other places (Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou - if you're looking to get into wholesale be sure to take the train, an hour, to Yiwu to check out the market at Futian - over a billion items for sale). The University is also extremely good there. Work hard, save and stack cash, in 2-3 months get a solid place in a good district (and a bike - 1800-2500 yuan) and you're set. Plenty of girls to tear through for fun in the short term while keeping an eye for beauties to try to keep around - even ugly girls try to be hot in China, I love it.

VP In China, Part II

If I had any advice it would be to actually forget about the girls for now. You're in China, it will simply not be an issue. Concentrate on what Nonpareil said. It's awesome all these offers are coming in, but offers are not yen. Focus on the most lucrative achievable possibilities and make the money now so that a year or two down the road you're living a lifestyle most can only dream of. Good luck. Looking forward to more updates.

VP In China, Part II

Very inspiring, VP. I'm happy for you.

I'll send you a PM.

VP In China, Part II

VP - you got a sofa bed bro!

Talk soon.

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VP In China, Part II

Your thread has me all pumped up.

Enjoy it out there man. I'm sure there will be ups and downs, but you've lived abroad before so you will be fine.

For me finding 1-2 good buddies to hang out with is usually all it takes to feel happy in a place. Jiu Jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai are great ways to do that, if there is any in your city. Jiu Jitsu in particular draws expats. It's a great way to get into shape also.

I have a friend heavy in the MMA scene in China for the past ten years. If you decide you're interested I can ask him if there is anywhere to train where you are at.

VP In China, Part II

VP, I am immensely happy for you. We met several times and we both expressed an annoyance and disappointment in Toronto which you have adequately coined 'Boretown'. I know you were dying to get out and were racking your brain on the right time to bounce from that shythole.

It's much more than just trying to smash a whole range of lizards, it's liberation from bullshyt PC stuff and just be a person.

You were telling me about China from as early as probably 2010 and it was just a matter of time.

I'm glad you are there bro and although China has registers zero on my interest levels, that's ignorance on my behalf and because you are there, bro, I will work up the time to come and pay you a visit.

Again, I'm super chuffed that you have escaped Alcatraz.

Beaucoup blessings, mon frere!



Love 'em or leave 'em but we can't live without lizardsssss..

An Ode To Lizards

VP In China, Part II

Thanks guys for all the great positive feedback and tips! Very much appreciated!
Apologies for not responding earlier, but things are very busy here. Lots to do, to so and places to go. You do feel very alive in here contrarily to in a place like Boretown where there's not much to do.

Last night, was having dinner with my buddy when this woman, a hot school owner in Guangzhou messaged me on wechat (I've talked to her before and we've been chatting for the past few months on wechat about me possibly working at her school) and she straight up asked me to come work with her and she will double my current salary for a full time gig teaching English at her school. She said she'd take care of everything, housing, visa etc. While the offer is quite tempting and attractive, I am enjoying my time here in Hangzhou and the school and people have been very nice with me. I don't want to be a dick with them and bail on them after 2 weeks like the previous American football coach did after barely a week! LOL

I am enjoying it very much doing what I love, teaching kids about something that's been my first true love in life, football.

By the way, yesterday afternoon, there were a bunch of people that showed up to my first training of the afternoon, say about 5-7, half men half women. A couple of women were cute but I was too focused on my training. I did notice them taking pictures of me and the group during the warm up as it was at the beginning of the session. Wonder which paper or magazine this would be for. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised to appear on local TV in the near future! [Image: smile.gif]

Only in China!

I can't thank you enough man! If going to China the first time in 2012 was mainly as a result of the awesome feedback and talk I had with Tim and Nick from, this time around, your help this time around has been crucial! You've been providing me with tons of invaluable tips and feedback on China, living in China, Chinese girls, teaching and working here for the past 18 or so months! Let me know when you get here man, it would be a pleasure to finally link up with you and thank you accordingly in person.

That's a GREAT advice man! Keep'em coming! You're absolutely right! That's exactly my approach, focus first on building and setting up a very solid foundation and then fun times will be had and come naturally and organically as a result of having that solid foundation.

Rudeboy and Moma,
You are more than welcome to join me here anytime! Mi casa es tu casa no matter where in the world I may be! Just let me know and we'll coordinate things! You will have a great time here and will be blown away by the opportunities specially for smooth, well traveled and educated gents like you two!

Yeah agreed man that finding a couple of like minded buddies to hang out with is key. I'm actually looking for a good gym in my area to build some muscle. If you or anyone know of a good gym in town, let me know! I'm also open to get into a martial art, not only for the training but also for the opportunity to meet other like minded quality guys.

Tons of opportunities but you need to be here man AND to speak some Chinese! No ways around it really! If you or anyone wants to come here to take advantage of the endless opportunities here, the absolute best and key thing to do is to start learning as much of the language as you can. The more, the better!

VP In China, Part II

Right on VP, your enthusiasm has always been contagious and you have a positive attitude that will get you far. Keep it up!

You chose an interesting city. I was there in 2006 for a week visiting some family who was working there. There is some serious tea money in the area, including some very rare kinds. I stayed in the Shangri La on the lake and met some interesting characters including a Chinese guy from Vancouver who opened a Blenz coffee shop in the luxury mall he had just built (where Ferrari is on the West Lake).

We partied one night and hired a guy to paddle us across the lake to that luxury Chinese restaurant on the water. What an experience. Also drove around the countryside looking at tea plantations which are incredible!

I will be back in Guangzhou soon I hope. I will spend the month of October in Japan so I will be in the area, and I am hoping the timing will work out to be in Fujian and Guangdong by November!

VP In China, Part II

Thanks Laner, appreciated man!
A quick update:

Things have slowed down work wise as it's the Mid Autumn Festival, which is the 2nd biggest and most important holiday in China after the Chinese New Years. This is a time where people go back to their town to spend time with their families in their hometown.

So I'm off from my coaching for the next two weeks, however, still have to help at the school in the mornings for some track and field events that the kids are participating. Plus, I was asked to help train the school's football team from Thursday for a week in the afternoons.

Also, while the first 2 weeks, things were coming fast and furious, with offers and interests left and right, things have slowed down. I talked to a company who was very keen on me helping them but haven't heard back from them yet. Not sure if it's the Chinese way of doing things, to drag things on and take their sweet time or whether that's due to the 2 weeks holiday as a result of the Mid Autumn Festival. Can the China Long Term Expats in here chip in on this please?

Hopefully things will pick up after that. In the meantime, going to hustle more, pipeline more gigs. I already have an interview at my place for private classes for 40 bucks/hr on Wednesday night!

Last night, while at the bar with friends of mine, met a cool guy from Saudi Arabia, who's been living in China for 6-7 years. He's been exporting electronics from China to Saudi Arabia. I told him about my interest of visiting Yiwu, a city about 2-3 hours south of Hangzhou, which is touted as having THE biggest wholesale market in all of China! Upon me expressing my desire to go visit that place, the Saudi guy's eyes lit up. He told me him and his brother go there for 10 days at a time each month and during that time, they can barely get to visit 50% of all the places in that huge market! This is really the type of thing that makes your mind and hamster go into overdrive with ideas!

However, upon further inquirying, this week may not be the best time to go there due to the holidays and most places being closed. I'll re-inquire about it next week and if I hear it's open, I'll go spend a couple of days or at the very least, a day there as a reconnaissance trip. And I'll report my findings here. [Image: smile.gif]

I've been meeting cool guys from around the world. Met a cool Italian guy from South Africa today, met also a couple of guys from Mali and even a couple of Bolivians! Not to mention making cool friends with fun and cool guys from the UK. Loving it here so far!

In other news, Friday night got my first Chinese Flag in China. I've already had Chinese flags in Thailand and in Hong Kong, but not inside Mainland China. It was with the same girl from the previous weekend, so it was on date # 3. Was well worth the wait! Sweet as it gets, very sexy and with seductive and sultry eyes. One of the best BJ's I've had in a long time and I've had BJ's on 4 continents! The funny thing about this was that she speaks no more than 10 or so English words and I speak no more than 10 Chinese words. Most of the gaming/communication has been through the translation option on Wechat! [Image: banana.gif]

VP enjoying China so far! [Image: smile.gif]

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