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Land of the Free and Brave?

Land of the Free and Brave?

Quote: (02-02-2012 03:19 PM)SimonRierdon Wrote:  

Quote: (02-02-2012 02:31 PM)gringoed Wrote:  

"And that with an arrest, you can't get a passport and will be nearly unable to get a good paying job?"

Not true, I've been arrested. I used my passport 3 days ago.

I understand we have high incarceration rates, but at least we don't mass-murder our citizens by the millions as did Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and many more. Mao is believed to have killed at least 50 million of his own countrymen. Are you saying that we have a worse police state than that?

As for your anarchy tattoo, have you ever traveled to North Korea? What about Iran?

I was just in China where they still block facebook and youtube. I would rather have access to information than not, wouldn't you? Let's not forget they also slaughtered their own civilians for voicing their opinions in recent history.

If you're saying that we have a relatively police-state, few would disagree. Saying it's the worst in history???? Puhhh-leez!

So let me ask YOU. How many millions of American civilian citizens has our government slaughtered?

Alright gringoed, I'll give you the first part of the twentieth century as possibly worse than it is now, but most of the people slaughtered during that time were hardly innocent civilians. They were mostly political and intellectual enemies of the regimes that were in power at the time. My premise is that where we are now is unprecedented since the early to late 1950's. And what's worse, incarceration or execution? I'll take execution every time.

You won't leave the police state but you'll take execution everytime?

Seems like in-congruent statements....

Enemies of a repressive regime? You mean people that don't want to be oppressed right?

This is coming from a guy with an anarchy tattoo, which means no laws except the from the guy who has the biggest gun wielding the most power.

Ever wonder if maybe that's exactly where you are and you just aren't the guy with the most power or biggest gun?

Ever wonder

Land of the Free and Brave?

Quote: (02-02-2012 02:04 PM)SimonRierdon Wrote:  

Quote: (02-02-2012 01:51 PM)Moma Wrote:  

Quote: (02-02-2012 01:47 PM)SimonRierdon Wrote:  

gringoed, actually the U.S. in it's current state IS the worst police state in history.

Did you know that more people are incarcerated in the U.S. than ever were in Soviet gulags? And that nearly one third of individuals under the age of 23 have been arrested? And that with an arrest, you can't get a passport and will be nearly unable to get a good paying job?

Read this article.

Then tell me if this isn't the worst police state in the history of modern civilization.

I know this from experience having traveled most of the world. I have an anarchy tattoo on the back of my right hand, and the only place I've ever been hassled for it is traveling out of and into the U.S.

Simon, so why not emigrate elsewhere?

Because I have two young daughters and I can't take them with me. Plus I'm an older guy who's armed to the teeth who's done everything on my bucket list and I think the collapse is going to be a lot of fun for someone like me.

No kids, just plenty of guns, ammo , and patience.........

"Feminism is a trade union for ugly women"- Peregrine

Land of the Free and Brave?

I see nothing in that article stating if you've ever been arrested you cannot get a passport. Also, while there are some lame laws in the US, and too many of them, I rarely have run ins with the police. For people who do not live in the US I think they see lots of articles like this and think we deal with shit all of the time. What really happens is the media picks up only the most ridiculous of stories to get traffic and then people think this dumb shit is the norm, when it isn't. Were a country or 300 million people, there are bound to be some ridiculous things goin down, but its not the norm.

Land of the Free and Brave?

Seems a bit ridiculous, but I think this shit is inevitable in the declining privacy socially networked least we don't criminalize speech like in Europe or Canada. It's easy to take a few articles and say police state!

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