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Quote: (11-16-2018 12:56 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  

Quote: (11-15-2018 07:58 PM)Freebird Flying Wrote:  

Quote: (11-13-2018 04:12 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  

Money money money money.

[Image: laugh3.gif]

Go play football with your 15 year old son when you're 65 years old.

Go play basketball with his little brother when he's 15 years old and you're 70.

That tripe is no different than the delusional cock carousel mentality that women ascribe to. Sure, maybe you can still pump out some viable sperm but you will be an embarrassment to your children. Imagine having a childhood where you had to explain to every kid you'd ever met "no, that's not my grandpa..."

Every woman your wife ever met gets to snicker behind her back about what it's like to be fucked by a guy who's dick looks like a shar pei with mange.

Men get to marry younger specimens, but some of this nonsense goes beyond stupid into clown territory. Money does not buy loyalty and nobody on this forum is going to earn enough to buy the kind of power that demands respect either. If you're not willing to put yourself in a position where the kids start arriving by 35 then don't delude yourself. Unless you have Trump-level genetics you're just running the hamster.

"Go play football with your 15 year old son when you're 65 years old.

Go play basketball with his little brother when he's 15 years old and you're 70"

This seem like social conditioning and very culture driven thinking to me. There's not a real reason for a guy to have to play football or basketball with his kids.

Golf, tennis, hunting, poker, and fishing.

It's all good [Image: smile.gif]

You've just listed the grandfather obligations of my culture.

In your world the grandfather obligations are to mumble incoherently in a recliner at the nursing home while your son has to explain to his kids what Alzheimers is.

Whatever your justification, your approach is an aberration of human tribal obligations and an affront to nature. Cunt carousel mentality. Whatever the mental gymnastics you use.

You have the right to have kids when you're 50 or 60 or 70 if you want. You can play poker and go fishing with them. Top stuff. But don't pretend that you're not robbing them of a better life in line with historical biological norms just because you wanted to fuck around for an extra 10 or 20 years. Odds are you will never take the plunge anyway because children are sacrifice and you clearly do not have a sacrifice mentality. Nature provides many genetic dead ends but on a social level the reason society is fucked up is because a large number of people think they can indulge their hedonism and narcissism and then run the hamster that it has no detrimental effect on their next of kin or their society at large.

Go and be as degenerate as you like. Just don't play that nonsense that the alternative is some sort of silly irrelevant cultural antique. It reads every bit as hollow as an alcoholic 40 year old chick running ragged ass periods four times a year talking about how "she's almost ready to settle down". Do what you want, but you are the same as her. Don't expect everyone else to pretend otherwise.

A lot of smart people disagree with you.

Both styles can work.

I'll just say both of my parents were very young and were around when I was growing up, but my Dad didn't do any of those things with me. It was basically, he paid the bills and disciplined me, and helped me stay out of trouble and get an education, and that was pretty much it. I'm not complaining.



Quote: (11-16-2018 01:14 AM)MaceTyrell Wrote:  

There used to be Family sub-forum for convos like this. What happened to it?

It's gone so here we are.


"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I keep getting older, they stay the same age."
Matthew McConaughey


Quote: (11-14-2018 01:03 PM)Laner Wrote:  

I agree fully that extended family and a multi generational living is ideal for raising kids. In North America, outside of ethnic areas, its not normal. Its too bad, but its how it is.

I know guys that speak Filipino from being raised by a Filipino nanny from birth. I remember one guy talking about his mom getting jealous of the nanny because he was so attached to her, that she fired the nanny and hired a new one. She kept doing this for years and it FUCKED him up big time. Instead of spending more time with her son, she just made it harder for him to love anyone. Domestic help is great to take the chore of raising kids off yourself, but its a short sighted way of raising kids.

I think we on this forum know this better than anyone on how important it is to have a loving bond with both our mothers and our fathers. Lots of guys find the forum because they have no idea what its like to have good parental relationships, and most the girls we plow through each year also have shitty parental relationships.

I encountered a similar situation but the story is from Africa. I went to school with two White Zimbabweans. Both grew up there and had parents who would frequently leave them in the care of their Black Zimbabwean nanny from the Shona ethnic group, Robert Mugabe's people. The guys (siblings) would spend months in a native Shona village with the end result with them completely Africanised (fluent Shona speakers) and a detached relationship with their biological parents. They were happiest when they were back in the Zimbabwean village with their mates, not with us.

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