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There are cures for cancer but you're not supposed to know that

There are cures for cancer but you're not supposed to know that

Well said. It's always the case where those only make adjustments to their diet after something serious happens to their health. It's rarely the other way around. What's your diet and supplement plan (if you take any)?

Quote: (11-09-2018 06:48 AM)supporttheright Wrote:  

Every health problem has increased by 100-200% in the last 100 years. The food companies are poisoning us where instead of eating food that gives our cells life its destroying them which leads to some kind of health problem. 1 in 3 die from cancer today compare to 100 years ago it was very very rare. Try to find foods without sugar in it today which is very hard. Sugar destroys the cells in your body where if you look at the ingredients and it doesn't make sense (scientific) ...thats cause they are putting poisonous chemical in the food. Try to stay away from take away and anything in a packet. You never know what's really in take away food even.if it's supposed to be healthy. Focus fruits, vegetables, wild fish and only eat meat that's grass fed or organic. They put so much bullshit chemicals in animals that we eat.

Most doctors are sales men for the drug companies today which receive commission on the drugs they sign you up with. If you keep going back for another perception, you are being played. Remember doctors don't make much money if you are in good health...

If you get sick, get all the tests done then Duckduckgo what you have and talk to people that cured themselves online. 99% of the time it will be done naturally.

If you're old it's a different story where Western medicine is great at keeping you alive but you aren't living if your in a vegetable state such as on anti depressions. Drugs all have side effects that will do harm to your body and mind over time!

I haven't been sick since I became a personal trainer 10 years ago and started to eat right. Beforehand, I ate shit all the time, was sick 2- 5 times a year and had little energy. Now I can do 10-14 hours of hard labouring without a problem. I never had this much energy in my life cause I was never giving the cells in my body life! I also wake up refreshed with energy instead of needing coffee in the morning cause my body has little energy left from battling all the poisonous chemicals in the junk food I ate last night!

There are cures for cancer but you're not supposed to know that

How come a stealth-vegan thread is suddenly sock-puppet central?

There are cures for cancer but you're not supposed to know that

Some interesting "cures" ...will remain to see if anything ever happens with them or they disappear

Brazilian wasp venom that kills cancer cells

Berry found in Australia that destroys cancer taken off sale

This was trippy for me because recently while visiting a friend I haven't seen in many years he told me about bloodroot and showed me examples of what it did to his skin cancer in photos ...its also banned from the FDA ...go figure!

Early cancer detection tool that uses skin, hair and nail samples with next to zero false positives...iirc won or was runner up in the inventor of the year and then seemed to disappear off the internet

Haven't watched it full but hard to know what to make of it


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