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E-Sports - The ultimate proof of how status is key

E-Sports - The ultimate proof of how status is key

Quote: (11-05-2018 06:46 PM)debeguiled Wrote:  

Let's not forget PewdiePie and his cute girlfriend.

PDP's genes aren't bad. He just has terrible grooming and style. He could probably model if he put himself together properly and could pout rather than put on stupid faces.

This guy in the OP is the one who won the lottery. So envious.

[Image: attachment.jpg40557]

E-Sports - The ultimate proof of how status is key

Who on this forum actually thinks money and status does not get you women? That's some serious denialism. Even if the girl is just gold digging, dude is still shacked with a girl he has no business being with otherwise because he's loaded and people know his name.

E-Sports - The ultimate proof of how status is key

Quote: (11-05-2018 11:18 AM)lonewolf1992 Wrote:  

To sum it all up, the word is success*:

I'm a plumber (not sexy). / I have my own plumbing company (sexy)

I'm a musician and play guitar in a band (loser). /I play in a band that's touring all europe next summer and make a fair living out of it (sexy).

I'm a photographer and like taking pictures to girls in instagram (creepy). / I work as a photographer for various magazines and travel around the world (sexy).

I love to play videogames (loser). / I earn tens of thousands a year in e-sports competitions. (sexy).

Women give a shit about your profession as long as you are succesful in it.

Although I agree with the general premise of your post you didn't choose the best examples.

Woman love showmans, that loser musician who plays at a student bar probably gets laid more than your businessman plumber persona.

When I was in my last year of high school there was this musicians group in my hometown, they where at the hottest parties always, I don't know if they are still ruling the scene, I frankly doubt it but even after I finished school they where big for some years in highschool and university parties. I remember that I approached some very hot girls and a lot of them told me they came from cities that where two hours away (still suburbia you might say) just to see them on stage. Those guys probably never even played in other city.

I also remember there was this cultural bar where I used to see this guy reciting his poetry, it was honestly embarassing to watch for me, again this was a guy who was basically known in that particular niche in our city and sorroundings, he was a regular on that scene and had a big following on twitter too, so he played that hipster emotional guy game. He had a lot of hipster girls throwing themselves at him. It was his weekend hustle, I don't even know what he did for a living.

Now I don't think the guys over 30 understand the impact of those gamer guys have, it is weird even for me, who is barely over 20s, I can't really understand why guys get admired like that by just playing games but yeah a lot of those gamer guys are for the 10-13 years old of today what the rockstars were for the people who lived on the 70s, also those gamer guys make in a year what a respectable professional makes in 10 years. It's really not hard to see why girls are attracted to them despite the mental masturbation that some guys make trying to put them down.

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