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Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

They went away from their comedy reaction videos to pro-neocon political commentary and their fans are not having it...

Fans argue they are doing podcasts because they can fill it with more sponsorships.

The drama has culminated with Bill Burr going on the H3H3 podcast this month and Ethan taking his jokes seriously to the point of offense...

Tons of downvotes and negative comments...


Bill dominated this interview, two socially awkward individuals can't handle a conversation with someone with real genuine confidence. Ethan really exposed here lmao.

H3H3 to be a classic case of a content creator straying from what got them fans in the first place. If you want to pivot to a new topic, your new material must be just as strong.

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

I mean they're both Jews. Of course they're insecure and awkward neocons.

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Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

I dont get the appeal of their type of channel. I feel like most of their videos could be condensed to a tenth of their actual runtime.

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

That interview with Burr was fine.

Burr was half the problem, being a sensitive son of a bitch himself, but ultimately it was a big nothingburger.

It was fine.

It was internet culture meets old school guy.

It is amazing how fast fans will turn on channels. Soon you won't even need Amazon or Google to deplatform you, your fans will do it for them.

Seriously, if their fans are upset over this, then internet drama is its own snowflake.

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Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

Never watched them and don't care for those mainstream/cat-video-approved/Youtube content creators who could as well be on a main TV channel, because even Soros would give them the stemp of approval.

Their content looking at it contains some attempt of low-brow entertainment sprinkled with making fun of the most extreme cases of SJWs.

But when you hear the Jewish shithead say that ALL CATHOLICS ARE PEDOPHILES OR ARE IN ON IT, then I know Jewish hatred of all Christian goys when I see it. He visibly despises the goys and that is why his girl tries to reign him in: "Don't! You are not surrounded by the chosen ones!" That is why the Jewish Bolsheviks massacred so many Russian Christians in the most gruesome way.

I am sure that if the Jewish Frame Games would make an assessment of the guy, then he would share this view.

This vid is also telling. He obviously hates Donald Trump, but being actually pretty far left and open borders when the USA is concerned, he is as a good Jew fully Zionist when wars in the Middle East are concerned. No wonder he loves the war-monger and ISIS-supporter McCain. They are likely double citizens who vote far-right conservative in Israel and far-left in the West with the subsequent double-standard.

And that clip when I later thought about it just reminded me that McCain likely already knew that he is going to lose and that is why he praised Obama. Obama's birth certificate has been debunked as fake anyway and the guy grew up Muslim in Indonesia, very unlikely to be born on US soil. Of course he wasn't an "Arab" - that's just stupid. But Obama barely converted to some Zionist Christianity just for political reasons - he was raised and grew up a Muslim. And that bloke was retrospectively a globalist disaster of a race-monger who staffed the country full with diversity industry people and policies, while praising every violent thug out there as a potential son. Then he even broke the law trying to stop the election of Donald Trump. Obama should be in jail together with Hillary and the crazy warmonger McCain. There are even videos of Obama speaking about the real estate crisis of who did it with others - the funny part is that he did it, because he was organizing campaigns to force the banks to give unworthy blacks and Latinos huge mortgages with zero downpayments. That caused the entire real estate bubble and Obama helped!

It's fine for those kind of channels to have their views, but he caters to the mainstream which falls on both lines, he has likely very few SJW-viewers, but rather normies.

Better not show too much how you hate the Western goys next time!

Though - such large channels with millions of subscribers and a dedicated user-base can do no wrong. As Mr. Metokur put it - they would have to kill puppies daily and diddle kids daily to get their show go bust - and even then - it would take months and years of puppy-murder.

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

Really enjoyed their OG videos and had to stop following them recently for slamming Alex Jones. Their stream had gotten shutdown a prior week for so much as mentioning Alex. Then the following week was the famous Catholic church podcast, where they took stabs at Alex for not covering the child molestations (read, getting with the program, please dont shut us down youtube). Really uninformed of course as Alex has frequently covered it on his infowars content especially during pizza gate, a topic which Ethan simply shrugged off as a conspiricy with no evidence. Its hard to watch now, but as people have already said, they ARE jews...

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

I had never heard of this guy until a few weeks ago around the time Alex Jones was banned.

He and his crew were bashing Jones and his right to speech, then their live stream was cut off and suddenly they became free speech advocates.

That told me everything I need to know.

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

This was his best video as far as I'm concerned, the rest of his stuff never caught my attention.


Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

I've never heard of these people until this thread. After skimming through their videos, it's another show that might not have made the cut for public access channels back in the day.

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

Most of these podcasts are boring AF because they take 5 minutes of content and try to stretch it out to 90 minutes or more.

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

I was getting bored after having to listen to 5 minutes of them, because they are essentially stoned larpers sitting there, but I guess Beavis and Butthead entertainment for the goys gets you some shekels. And actually that is an insult to Beavis and Butthead.

Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

Made their fame an fortune from reaction videos....reaction videos....

Who the fuck cares how some nobody reacts to videos.... these things are beyond me. People watching other people play video games, people watching other people watch videos... I feel like we are headed towards idiocracy.

Thots on Instagram or snapchat making videos of them tilting their heads an sticking their tongues out getting 1000s of likes. CONGRATULATIONS bitch you can tilt your fucking head... please be the mother of my children you talented soul you!!

I'm just old, bitter, an jaded but these things that are all the rage in the internet age drive me crazy... I'm sure my grandparents felt the same way when Elvis shook his hips... but I do feel like we are on a much worse decline then when Elvis Pelvis and Rock'n Roll were the evils of world

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Fans turn against popular Youtubers H3H3

Pretty much:

[Image: DistantYellowGalah-size_restricted.gif]

By that measure PewDiPie is high-brow entertainment.

In contrast those 2 "evolving" just showed them for the dumb cunts that they are.

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