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Scratch-and-Sniff Jeans For Men SMH

Scratch-and-Sniff Jeans For Men SMH

I actually stopped wearing designer jeans as part of my "going-out" attire since a couple of months ago. I had been leaning towards that decision for some time, and had been cutting back before I stopped altogether. I credit part of that decision to being influenced by G Manifesto's constant evangelism for the custom suit.

So far, so good. I've noticed I am treated with more respect and attention when I wear nice slacks or dress pants.

If I needed any validation that I made the right choice, here it is:

Raspberry scented jeans for men? Really? Wow.

Scratch-and-Sniff Jeans For Men SMH

All other issues aside, the damned things cost $150 (!!!)

Any man caught wearing these should be flogged on sight.

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Since chicks have decided they have the right to throw their pussies around like Joe Montana, I have the right to be Jerry Rice.

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