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Most Overrated/Underrated Place You've Been

Most Overrated/Underrated Place You've Been

Overrated: Paris. It's a great place to get hassled by every scammer/gypsy possible and navigate dog shit on the sidewalk.
Underrated: East coast islands of Malaysia. Surprisingly liberal given the mainland is so Muslim, unbelievably clean water, revolving door of European tourists on holiday.

Most Overrated/Underrated Place You've Been

(02-18-2019, 09:04 PM)Korrupt Wrote:  Most overrated:

1) Prague - too many tourists, locals are the least interactive people ever, I don't think the chicks are that hot.
2) Riga - tourist trap central, girls are hot but not... like, all the features individually are awesome (except asses) but they don't look right.
3) Pattaya - cesspit of the world

Most Underrated:
1) XXXXX - there's a place which is not underrated, just NOBODY knows about it... my lips are sealed
2) Zagreb  - beautiful city, beautiful girls, 80%+ speak English, Intelligent, cultured, DTF.
3) Vilnius - chicks are amazing, and open. It's cheap as well.
4) Brno - student city. small, cheap, girls DTF everywhere.
5) Nairobi - if you like to enjoy life, and you like black chicks, this place is the shit. (Additionally it's only 4/5 hour drive from the Masai Maara)

Hmmm, I wonder what the #1 most underrated city is. Five "X" could indicate a five letter city. 

Some 5 letter cities in Eastern Europe that are not talked about aka. "NOBODY knows about it":

Minsk, Belarus 

Gomel, Belarus 

Brest, Belarus 

Sofia, Bulgaria 

Tiras, Moldova 

Târgu, Romania 

Pskov, Russia

Most Overrated/Underrated Place You've Been

Overrated: Toronto (No idea why anyone likes this place)
Underrated: Asia (No idea why single men stopped going there)

China, Japan and Thailand were HUGE when I was just hitting my 20's. They were an unstoppable force of single, trad women. Now I literally sound like a nag when I speak to my 'incel' friends about Asia.

Most Overrated/Underrated Place You've Been

Rooshwasaloser is from Toronto, so I can imagine how bad women are lol

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