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The 60 girls in 30 days ultimate master challenge

The 60 girls in 30 days ultimate master challenge

Hey guys,

You've heard of the "30 girls in 60 days" challenge from me before.  It is the famous challenge, popularized by the RooshV forum in the past.  To win, you must stick your dick in 30 different women by the end of a 60 day period.  It's not an easy challenge.  Only top notch players can accomplish it.

Well guess what?  I have created a new challenge for those who have a high skill level in game.  It is called the "60 girls in 30 days" ULTIMATE MASTER challenge.  The objective is simple.  This time, you must jizz into 60 different women by the end of a 30 day period.

This is the ultimate test of your pickup artist abilities.  Only a true master of the art would be able to complete this challenge.

Here are the rules:

1) This must be done in a foreign country.  You can't do it in your home country.  So if you were already born in a shithole, unfortunately this will make things harder for you.
2) The clock starts the second you step off the plane.
3) Marinading a hooker at any point in the challenge results in immediate disqualification.
4) You must start from scratch.  No pre-built social circles, or pipelining, are allowed.
5) Mentioning anything about orthodox Christiainity results in immediate disqualification.
6) No fat chicks.  The BMI must be less than 25.  Unlike hookers, fucking a fat chick will not immediately disqualify you, but it will not count towards the required total.
7) Like all professional sports, no performance enhancing substances are allowed.  You must be clean from using viagra or any other medication that induces an erection for at least 48 hours before the challenge.
8) You must jizz in order for the chick to be counted towards the required quota.
9) You must take a picture of each girl you banged, with you in the frame.  The background must clearly be your apartment/hotel.


If you beat the ULTIMATE MASTER CHALLENGE, you get the following rewards:

1) A replica tophat and goggles of the famous pickup artist Mystery.  I will mail it to you.
2) The title of mPUA (Master Pickup Artist).
3) Exposure to numerous STBBIs.  This stands for "sexually transmitted/blood borne infections."  It's the new way of saying STD that doesn't shame people who have STDs.
4) I will add your name to this thread in the Hall of Fame.

The ULATIMATE MASTER CHALLENGE is a test of the following abilities:

1) Game skill
2) Sex drive/refractory period
3) Intelligence
4) Darwinian fitness

The truth is, guys, the only point of life is to bang as many chicks as you can before you die.  If you don't even attempt this challenge, you are not living your true purpose in life.  Again, I need to reiterate that IF YOU ARE A PUSSY, YOU WILL FAIL THIS CHALLENGE!


- Nobody

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