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Leaving USA and relocating, which one should I choose?

Leaving USA and relocating, which one should I choose?

Like damn bro.....over 180 posts in a span of just a month, on pace to likely have over 200, what do you do with your life? I normally love being the kind of guy who helps others out but all I have seen is you do is talk politics and you seem to waste so much time just posting randomly on this forum. Some of the shit by newbies sounding condescending and going around picking fights has gotten way out of hand recently.

Even though I am all for moving to where you are happy, after a certain point the saying "no matter where you go there you are" starts to apply. Get used to it, race relations in general are going to suck wherever you go. I am just a bit lost on how you feel you're helping yourself or your goals so far.

You'll be complaining about the same toxic culture and racism in Europe or in Asia where it will likely be worse anyways.

Do you intend to take any of the advice given or are you just fantasizing for right now?

Have you done anything about your situation and taken active steps than just posting about it?

What if this foreign paradise in your head ends up having the same problems you blame the west for having?

Leaving USA and relocating, which one should I choose?

It depends on what kind of lifestyle you want, what you can afford, and what your visa situation is. Here is some info that should help:

Singapore: Pay out the ass for everything but cool as hell and a strategic location if you can afford it without working yourself to death while following all the laws.

Dubai: You will likely have very little interaction with local Arab Muslim people and will mostly deal with overseas workers from the Indian subcontinent, Malay island countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines), and other foreign countries. So you should be more concerned with what your relationship with those people will be like than what you relationship with the local Arabs will be like as the only ones you will generally interact with on a regular basis will be your bosses. Also great and strategically located if you can afford it.

India: Extremely large and regionally diverse country with so much to see and explore that it could very well take you a lifetime to come close to seeing it all but you will never really see it all because a place will change as soon as you leave and will become a new place you have not seen yet. Also a lot of ethnic diversity with darker Tamil people in the south, lighter people in the north, tribal SEA people in the far east near Burma, Tibetans in Darjeeling, etc. Great place if you are into all that and want to live on the cheap and a very conservative culture so you could marry a traditional girl and move to some less crowded and molesty area to raise a family in the future if you should decide to do that.

London: Stabbings, acid attacks, and no realistic hope for a brighter future (especially if you do not like Islam as you have stated). Upside:

NYC: Statistically safer than London somehow. You will never (or at least should never) try to start a family in NYC. So only go there as a temporary thing or once you have decided that you never want a family or a serious LTR. If you never want a family or serious LTR and are into the player lifestyle for the long haul, it can be great. Also, you are still in the US and will have to deal with everything that comes with that (and everything that will come in the future).

Miami: Miami is cool if you like Latin people and Spanish but it is not a very big city, the region is completely flat, and there is nothing else of significant interest nearby (within 2-3 hours driving) so you could easily get bored after a year or two. Also, there are hurricanes and you are still in the US and will have to deal with everything that comes with that (and everything that will come in the future).

Some possible alternatives to consider:

Johor Bahru, Malaysia or Batam, Indonesia: Live essentially in a suburb of Singapore for much cheaper and with more relaxed laws.

Muscat, Oman: Like a cooler and more historically interesting version of Dubai and the only country in the world where Ibadi Islam is the dominant religion. Ibadi Islam is probably the most relaxed and tolerant form of Islam other than the Ahmadiyya (if you consider them Muslim which most Muslims don't) and, because of this, Oman even has Hindu temples and churches (something you will never see in other Arab Muslim countries).

Maldives: Get in and experience this beautiful island country before it's gone. With the highest divorce rate in the world, the Maldivian people are probably at least a little promiscuous. Also, polygamy is legal so you could get into that and just rotate your wives by divorcing them once they start getting close to the wall.

Moscow: All the cool stuff about London and similar in size without the feminism or Pakistani grooming gangs.

Las Vegas: All the fun of NYC without the freezing winters and the astronomical price tag. Unlike NYC, you will probably need a car but it's probably worth it.

Tampa, Florida: Cool and coastal like Miami but more relaxed and probably cheaper. Ranked as being one of the best cities to live in the US and, having been there many times myself, I can say that, if you must stay in the US, you could certainly do worse than Tampa.

Leaving USA and relocating, which one should I choose?

Yeah, I agree that Tampa and Miami would be the most ideal choices. If he wants girls, he may just want to go to Germany or Poland, esp with the jobs available in germany.

Leaving USA and relocating, which one should I choose?

First what was your major and what do you do for work? That is one of the most important parts of the equation. What do you want a wife or bang Indian girls? I say stick with New York. Hey, a life between South Florida and NYC seems better than any of those other options. Why do you want to leave? Are you on the Indian dating sites? It's good that you're happy with Indian girls. My Indian friends all want to bang white chicks. One married one and he can't stop talking about his two cousins marring white chicks too. Asians are the new thing for millennial white college women. Asians are smart and most are pretty beta so the type A American woman can get a good earner and still wear the pants.

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