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Anyone going to the 21 Convention

Anyone going to the 21 Convention

The website looks interesting. But I rather learn a cool skill. Like free diving or an SFG class from what Pavel created.

Plus everyone knows in like 3 years with the Space Force we will make contact with aliens. And well, I rather focus my energy chasing them cute things with big old heads and big eyes. So yah... let’s get a thread going on alien game.

Anyone going to the 21 Convention

Was Mike Forney the guy who got filmed skirting away from an SJW? Not super familiar with his content.

Anyone going to the 21 Convention

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars...

Red Pill Natural wisdom... go to the major (your local city) on line site listings for black-tie benefit or themed benefit charity balls and Galas crawling with quality made up and sexily dressed high SMV young ladies 21 to 31+ (Miss Santa themed or Ball Gowns or Black Cocktail Dresses) your cost $100 per your Ticket, $50 Cocktails, $50 Ubers $150 4 or 5 star hotel room so no DUI and a convenient bounce Venue to bang later... $2500/$350 = 7+ priceless Red Pill Fun Upscale BANGS and several possible ongoing spinning plates/FWBs still giddy over their first upscale bang with you. Good for at least 12 to 24 months of FWB sex. Priceless.

Really - Which is the better investment?

Example Links:

Boston Winter Ball:

Santa Pub Crawl:
Tailor-made for festive venue bouncing along popular back bay venues - your cost ONLY $15.00 tickets+fees and a strategic hotel (Old Sheraton is cheap Priceline if no conventions usually under $150 4 Stars across the street from LuckyStrike sort of a Bowling version of Dave and Busters)
I would just isolate a particularly sexy and receptive high SMV lass away from her cockblocking cohorts and ask if she wants to have some champagne and see the view after some no LMR kino during venue bounces - tailor made for the bang.

Eventbrite Charity Balls and Galas:

I only do in Boston Proper events as suburbs very hit or miss with couples, cougars and or MILFs with a next ex-husband hunting urgency - cities attract the younger single High SMV fertile bangable women imnsho.


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