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Marine battalion commander fired for using the word "faggot"

Marine battalion commander fired for using the word "faggot"


Marine battalion commander fired for using the word "faggot"

Quote: (09-05-2018 11:25 AM)MANic Wrote:  

I really though this was fairly standard usage in such an environment. Hell, I worked in a corporate office where the word "faggot" was commonplace except when the obvious flames were in earshot.

It was perfectly normal language (even during Don't ask/Don't tell) until they allowed faggots to legally join and remain in the military.

Then it became the equivalent of "hate speech." Everyone in the military had to undergo faggot sensitivity training and the word "faggot" was definitely outright forbidden. Took months for people to stop slipping and saying it... Whenever someone did, the others around would just say, "can't say that anymore--just watching your six." Eventually "faggot" just became like any racial slur or sexist comment--anything you say that someone else doesn't like, and it pretty much has disappeared from the military lexicon.

**Edit to say: another total shyte thing to consider for all the foreigners salty that Americans can't drink until 21--these guys weren't even in America. They were in Italy, where I think they substitute wine for breast milk. Yes, that's right. Even if you're in a foreign country the big "no drinking" laws of the States follows you all over the world.

They do, however, have a clause--because we certainly don't want to offend anyone, even if our own laws are offensive to ourselves--if it would be considered a direct insult to the foreigner you are visiting's culture or religion, you may consume a small amount of alcohol, but if you drink to intoxication, you will be charged.

Marine battalion commander fired for using the word "faggot"

[Image: wpid-photo-19-nov-2013-1236.jpg]

Marine battalion commander fired for using the word "faggot"

It's hard to overstate the reputation LtCol Mainz had in the Marine Corps.

First off, he slept about 3 hours a night. No exaggeration, personally witnessed it. He was manic in his study and dedication to the Marine Corps and all things military arts. He was always running circles around his peers, if through nothing other than sheer grit and energy he put into all of his work, even skull numbing staff work. A consummate warrior monk.

Mainz had been recognized for his acumen early on, and had been selected for assignments that ensured he would be groomed for advancement on to the next level. Many of these were extremely competitive billets, and with many being hand selected; because there are not many openings, the Marine Corps wants to invest wisely in the next generation of leaders.

He was routinely approached by Marine Generals for his opinion on matters of policy. In fact, he actually re-wrote at least one important manual the Marine Corps uses today.

Getting selected for battalion command at all is extremely difficult as an infantry officer in the Marines. But furthermore, the particular battalion he was selected for is particularly high profile. I stress all this to again emphasize how respected he was. I would also stress, that LtCol Mainz was not an especially vulgar or foul mouthed officer. He was down to earth for sure, but went out of his way to stay professional and diplomatic. Everybody that met him, whether they liked him or not, felt that he was destined to be a General as soon as possible.

Digging deeper, normally a Battalion Commander is relieved by the next level up the chain of command, which would have been a Colonel (the bald headed fellow in that picture in the desert). He was not fired by him, but rather a General that is one level up. I interpret that as the order to fire him must have come from very high up.

Essentially the Marine Corps is now taking no chances when it comes to PC culture. I think this decision to fire him was made to unequivocally show there is truly a "zero tolerance" policy regarding this, in whatever pathetic form it takes. Mainz's mistake was not recognizing this, and he focused on the mission and unit readiness, instead of PC feelz. We can, and to a limited extend should, lament this, but ultimately this is fact, and those in the US military should understand these are the values that now guide.

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