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Fake news: Muslim couple refused citizenship for not shaking hands

Fake news: Muslim couple refused citizenship for not shaking hands

A few days ago the worldwide press reported that "After refusing a handshake, a Muslim couple was denied Swiss citizenship" See for example

However that is only part of the story. Even the claim in the Post article that they were "uncomfortable" answering questions from the opposite sex. In fact, each of them REFUSED to answer questions from interviewers of the opposite sex. You don't need to know much French to understand that "Ils ont par exemple refusé de répondre aux questions de personnes de genre différent." says that "they have for example refused to respond to (answer) questions from persons of a different gender."

This is an example of both how stories are distorted by the media and how people have a huge sense of entitlement. The couple came as refugees, and in order to obtain Swiss citizenship must show they have integrated into society. Do they seriously expect when a cop pulls one of them over to be able to request that a cop of the same sex be sent to talk to them? If one of them goes to court, can he/she expect to tell the judge "sorry, I want a judge of the opposite sex."

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