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Adjusting away from "American" game

Adjusting away from "American" game

I've come across quite a number of non-anglosphere girls recently and it's interesting to note how they react to things such as sarcasm. I'm well aware some of the stuff we use for many western women could be a negative for ones from other cultures; but even them it's still difficult for me since I'm trying to condition myself to build attraction in an environment predominantly American. How have you folks successful with non-anglo women been able to adjust your game accordingly?

Adjusting away from "American" game

It's not so much adjusting away from American game as learning to become accustomed to spitting different forms of game depending on the situation. Of course when I am dealing with international girls I act differently. It's something you just have to practice at. The good news is if you're naturally a genuine cool, nice guy, it comes easy when you deal with non-american women because you can basically be yourself.

Vice-Captain - #TeamWaitAndSee

Adjusting away from "American" game

Being myself without being overly beta sounds like a better deal. It's really a shame I don't get to game enough non-anglo women, but that's what happens when one doesn't travel much. I suppose I need to find some very different spots for when I do go out

Adjusting away from "American" game


Adjusting away from "American" game

With foreign chicks, I usually sell them the dream.

So I see a Maria or a Svetlana.

- they make eye contact
- I catch them looking
- I make eye contact
- neither of us makes eye contact

I step over
I say "Hey"

Then once, I know I have her attention.

"I've been waiting for you".

Then I play like we were destined to meet, and she came all this way, this is her purpose...yadda, yadda, yadda.

I come in basically on the romantic vibe, assuming the close, assuming kismet.

I don't compliment.
I don't brag, humble or otherwise.

And then like I do with American game, once she's open and the vibe is set, I ask about her, and we talk about her interests. Open ended questions, short ones, follow up on details...the usual.

At some point into it

Archibald - "Why did you wait so long?"

Chica - "Huh what, wait for wait"
Archibald - "To come here, to meet me..."

And I continue the thread from the very beginning.

If a chick is in the States on Holiday, for work, for whatever - she's been dying to meet "that guy".

Just be "that guy".

In reality, I'm taking full advantage of American popular culture (and romantic values) being exported around the world.

Some girls eat it up from the very beginning.
Some girls are so intrigued that they can't believe the approach.

But once you open that way, set the I'm basically your boyfriend that you just fell in love with vibe, you can pull damn near any girl into the bubble.

*I really should go back and edit this, but lemme just recap

- see
- walk
- say hey

- i've been waiting for you (which should open and set the vibe - if you deliver it like she's actually the girl of your dreams)

- continue your rap, continue the vibe
- make reference to "waiting for you" at the beginning
- then make your smooth getaway.


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