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Thirstometer by country

Thirstometer by country

Could be.
That could also explain why Asian women in Westerners expat circles in hong Kong are put on a pedastal, not by locals but eexpats. There seems to be a real divergence of behavior and mentality between local local girls and the other. The former still seems to be humble and conservative like Asian culture teaches them.

Thirstometer by country

In Australia some placers are thirsty but you'll find guys from Sydney or Brisbane do well in Melbourne.Guys from Melbourne do well in Sydney.Each is treated differently by women in those cities..The stranger in town gets the pussy easier than the local.Lover vs Provider I guess.

I agree about the Italian lads.Aussie bogans in Asia.But like the English they are use to fucking 2 or 3 points below their smv.Will they approach the 8 or 9..not likely.
I've learnt alot about this in the last 6 months.

Ripped dudes.
I walked into my gym bathroom to see 3 dudes taking photos of themselves in the mirror.I just burst out laughing.That's your modern man ,he's like a woman preening like a girl in the mirror.So he can put his pic online to earn validation from 5 and 6s.

I've been up against thirsty groups in Europe by myself.

I say these fuckers actually made me look good inhind sight.Use the thirst to set yourself apart from the thirst.
In 2013 I picked up for the first time after divorce because of stopping thirsty Italians in Spain.A 23 year old English chick.

My last trip to Spain in 2014 I was going out with
groups of Swedish and English girls in their 20s.

Whores in Marbella thought I was some kind of pimp.When I approached a group of chicks I'd have a laugh but as soon as the thirsty gropers came in ,a firm Fuck off and aggressive eye contact was given.
A form of white knighting perhaps but these chicks did nothing to warrent having their tits grabbed by a fuckwit.Like seagulls these blokes where.Fair enough if the chicks are being total cunts themselves but not if the chick is normal.
Chicks would then make me part of the group and off I'd go..So you can use thirst to your advantage you just have to stand up to it.I was trying to figure out how I was getting 2 to 5 chicks to follow me.I now see it was because I just wouldn't let the thirst push me around.So many Euro guys were letting it happen.

This led to me getting invites to Vip tables etc..I didn't know why at the time, I was just being old school, I thought.
I was 43 then with 21 to 25 year olds..Swedish women were crying out for a strong man.Dudes there were ripped etc but no fucking heart.

My biggest berating was on a Danish bloke I thought he was friends with this chick who was basically getting all this dudes grabbing all over.I thought she was hot and I love Danes.So I go over any attempt to touch her was off limits as I talked to her.
Anyway she thanks me and the Danish dude rocks up.Turns out he's her husband
"WTF dude how can you let your wife be treated like this you are a huge fucking Viking man."
The Dane laughs and goes a touch red saying "Thanks for keeping it real dude"..
No wonder Europe is going to shit.You can say what you want about the Aussie bogan but he won't let groups grope he's woman.Most Anglos are the same.

Watch out for knives in Europe too..Knife=Run

Thirstometer by country

Quote: (03-10-2016 09:59 PM)Travesty Wrote:  

Quote: (03-10-2016 06:22 AM)Bushido Wrote:  

Then along came Tinder. This guy set up an account and ended up sleeping with about 10 girls in a few months. He has good facial genetics but zero game. As far as I could tell, his bangs came almost purely from coasting on his looks.

How hot were they?

Well he didn't show me many, but the ones I saw were in the 6-7 range. That's not bad for a guy with a notch count of 1 who was completely unable to approach previously.

Quote: (03-10-2016 09:59 PM)Travesty Wrote:  

Many times the pickiest guys show the most thirst if you could ever listen in on their conversations or texts.

It is a way for them to not fail by casting so many women aside.

These guys end up often married to 5's. Or girls that blow up as fatties.

You have a point there and I've definitely met guys like this. It's possible that a few might be banging less than ideal chicks on the quiet. However, I'm not sure what you said applies to most native Asian guys in their environments.

For one, 90% of Asian women don't get fat even after marriage. Second, most of these guys (assuming some looks/money/status) do end up with decent chicks in the end. My one Japanese buddy just married a surgeon who is a solid 7 by Japan standards - she would be an 8 back home.

Someone else pointed out that most decent Asian guys "wouldn't be seen dead with a 5". I can vouch for that 100%. Perception and status is very important in these societies. Being seen with an ugly bitch could easily ruin a guy's rep. Hence P4P is actually preferable to publically dating a 5. Westerners will not only bang this kind of girl, but will take her out for breakfast the next day too. Haha.

I'd conclude that westerners are:

1) Generally less picky ("The face is meh but she's got a good ass. I'd hit it.")
2) Don't care as much about public perception.

As usual, it's all about cultural differences + feminist influence.

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Thirstometer by country

Quote: (03-11-2016 01:29 AM)Putin Closes Wrote:  

To be honest, online game saves a lot of time and money. Think about it, how much time and money you spend going out with the boys trying to get some poon at the club.

It's a false economy.

Night out in the club = 3-5 hours of having fun with friends (hopefully)/drinking/dancing till you get the SNL.

Online game = Countless hours of boring conversations over text. Flakes. Misrepresentative photos. Etc. It more than evens out in terms of time. In terms of fun, night game is 10x better for me at least.

Quote: (03-11-2016 01:29 AM)Putin Closes Wrote:  

If you're decent looking online game is an easy enough crutch for 5/6s. I agree for 7+ it gets significantly harder and day game / social networking is where you'll probably have the best success.

That's kind of my point though. Why do you need a crutch for girls in the 5-6 range? Online apps raise the values of these subpar chicks. In a bar, they know what's up when I approach. Online they become the chooser.

I'll grudgingly admit that online game is now a necessity, but honestly I think things were better before it came along. In any case, there's little point shaking my fist at the sun. Gotta adapt to the times as it were.

PM me for accommodation options in Bangkok.

Thirstometer by country

The great thing about online is you can more or less passively get dates with 5s-7s. The biggest problem as I see it is that these girls have so many options they start honing in and looking for a guy who checks every box exactly, so the date/ lay ratio is not as great as it probably was in the earlier days of online game.

I've been around a while and I don't think night or day game is any more difficult than it used to be in the U.S. On the one hand more women have tons of online dating options. On the other hand, you can still set yourself apart with good looks, real life confidence and skills in bed.

Thirstometer by country

As long as you get the routine right, you should get consistent results with 5-6's. Personally i am finding OKC better as I have learned how to spam fast. Girls responses are so predictable you can easily craft a "formula" that weeds out all the girl KJ.

Night game is a difficult endeavor in its own right. Every girl acts like a +1 in the clubs, that 5 online can be a 6 easily, especially after 1 am. High end nightlife sucks in Manila, so its really dependent on where you are located.

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