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Dancing to pop music (weddings, bars, etc)

Dancing to pop music (weddings, bars, etc)

I've been to a couple weddings over the past few weeks, and the differences between the guys who have rhythm and those who don't are night and day. They are freaking MAGNETIC to women. Some are clearly versed in dancing, but other guys just get the beat and look like they're having a blast.

I've taken a few swing and salsa classes, but they don't seem to prep you to have the natural rhythm to dance to a variety of music, specifically the combination of pop and hip-hop played at weddings. I've watched a ton of youtube videos and even ordered a beginner dance DVD, but the moves all seem a little too cheesy and extravagant to use on the dance floor at a wedding when you could come across anything from Hey Ya! to some Backstreet Boys song.

This guy, for example, looks brilliant:

Anyone have tips to improve your dance skills? Do you just go out and start trying moves and see what works? Are there any specific dance instruction types I can go try that would be useful?

Dancing to pop music (weddings, bars, etc)

Having swing and salsa clues in a club won't get you anywhere. You may as well teach algebra to swine.

The guy in the video is trained in "western slut dance", aka - get confident in moving girls on a dance floor.

You have to go to a dance floor and move girls to get good at it.

Dancing to pop music (weddings, bars, etc)

This is one thing I did a lot of. I started a thread on this a while ago.


If this doesn't answer the questions you have feel free to pm me.

Dancing to pop music (weddings, bars, etc)

[Image: gay_dance.gif]

You can't go wrong with these moves ...... Vote for Pedro!

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