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Z is for Zacariah (SPOILERS for PLOT)

Z is for Zacariah (SPOILERS for PLOT)

So, this is the new Margot Robbie movie. It's based on a book but doesn't follow the book too closely.

I haven't seen the movie nor do I plan to after reading it's plot. I was interested initially after finding out it was post apocalyptic, unfortunately that is not what the movie is about. It merely explores the lives of a very small group of people in such a scenario and their relationship and actions.

Why post this here? Because I thought it would interest folks here due to the social commentary in the plot.

There are 2 men in the movie and one girl, and both men want this girl. However, one of the men is initially a 'nice guy' while the other is more extroverted. The second guy gets the girl, despite the first guy rejecting her when she offers herself to him drunk, then telling her he loves her. The girl then fucks the second guy, the first guy finds out and he then kills the second guy in jealous rage. He then tells the girl the guy left her without saying goodbye.

To anyone who has seen it, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's a good 'redpill' recommendation, or as a warning to beware of jealousy in even introverted 'nice guy' types?

Z is for Zacariah (SPOILERS for PLOT)

I saw it. It seemed to me like the first guy actually had more ulterior motives than just getting the girl.

Z is for Zacariah (SPOILERS for PLOT)

Quote: (09-09-2015 10:59 AM)Mother Russia Wrote:  

It's based on a book but doesn't follow the book too closely.

I haven´t seen it yet, but judging by the synopsis the plot has almost nothing to do with the book. It sounds much more similar to

The World, the Flesh and the Devil


The Quiet Earth

What is interesting is that if you compare the release years of the movies (1959, 1985, 2015) there´s a 25-30 year gap between them, or one generation.
Why come up with a new idea when the old ones sell so well.
It´s a pity, since the the story of the original "Z is for Zacariah" novel would make for an interesting, suspenseful movie.

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