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Yik Yak - Mobile Phone App

Yik Yak - Mobile Phone App

I recently went back home, a small town with a population of around 30-40k where this mobile phone app was recently the new hot shit.

YikYak is an anonymous message board much like 4chan, the gimmick is that it only shows posts from people in your surrounding area. While it is against the rules of the app to bully, harrass and start shit with other users (they will suspend your account), that doesn't stop people from getting away with some pretty bullshit rumors and other such stuff.

It has a upvote/downvote/report kinda Reddit system, and a quick scroll through the posts you will quickly learn 80% of it's content is the kinda generic stuff you see on twitter/facebook that won't concern you. There is however more of a direct vibe about it in the sense that peoples names get thrown about in relation to what's being talked about and local locations/establishments tend to come up a lot.

I can only see disadvantages about this picking up steam, especially in small communities such as this one. I've already heard rumors that originate from this message board that have attempted to defame individuals and expose local carousel riders.

Imo this app can be used to do some pretty evil shit, while I can see potential with advertising your shit (events, trying to get people to come to certain locations etc...), this hits smaller cities really hard if you are trying to maintain a local reputation.

Just thought I'd shed some light on this thing.

Yik Yak - Mobile Phone App

It's interesting because I know a guy that would swoop girls on this.
Also it's true that rumors can spread on this. Some girl my friend knows was called the biggest ho in town.

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