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Linkedin Hacker Consultations

Linkedin Hacker Consultations

I'm building my fifth product:

Linkedin Hacker - Rapidly Build Business Networks and Sales Leads Online

To test these out, I'm looking for people who want some free hand-holding in rapidly securing business networks and sales leads, preferably abroad - although domestic is fine and will also work well. This would be effective if you are trying to branch out and build connections in a particular industry, particular region/country/city, or both. Not only are you trying to branch out, but you want to convert these leads into money as quickly as possible.

Although it is not a part of the program, I will also help you learn how to build strong/elite social networks abroad as well - if you want this.

In the last week I've helped my flatmate set up 10+ sales meetings on his 5-day trip to Singapore with CTO-level and MD-level people in companies like:

-Government of Singapore

He also finagled his way into a tux dinner with high-level government reps and met Bradley Cooper and Eduoardo Saverin. I didn't help him do this stuff, he did that on his own. However, that event was a consequence of setting his initial meetings up in Singapore, which led to the rest of the sequence of events.

I'm not saying you are going to meet celebrities, that would be dishonest/stupid of me. My point there was that opportunities multiply as they are seized.

PM me for more details. 3 spots available - you must have a business and state clearly what it is you're looking for. You are also serious about expanding your business and are willing to invest in paying for the linkedin businessplus membership level.

Linkedin Hacker Consultations

I was going to PM you youngmobileglobal but maybe other people will be interested too - are you still offering something similar for LinkedIn?

Linkedin Hacker Consultations


No, I left this space a long time ago and am no longer offering consultations - sorry.

However, if any of you are a talented hacker/developer/programmer who either lives in Asia or is interested in moving to Asia....and you would like to raise venture capital for a startup idea.....definitely get in touch.

Asia = Singapore or Hong Kong specifically. Preferably Singapore.

If you fit this profile, I want to help you get a fat check and build a world-changing tech startup venture.

Developers only.


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