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Interracial Marriages Rising in the US

Interracial Marriages Rising in the US

Quote: (02-16-2012 09:12 PM)hydrogonian Wrote:  


What I was requesting is that you don't subject me to an hour long video, and that you do some work in this debate by writing a bit. Just as I have. Too much to ask? I learn faster than he speaks and have spent more time here writing today than any of you. Craft an written argument, that is rhetorically sound, for pete's sake.

Why? I'd merely be repeating precisely what was said in that video (and in the articles I linked to after it). There is no need for me to reinvent the wheel. Just because you have written several walls of text here does not necessitate my doing so (nor does it give your argument any more credibility or worth, as you seem to tacitly imply).

The answers are what matter here. You asked some questions regarding our concerns about "white privilege" and how it is manifested-those links have all of the answers in them (and then some), presented very clearly and articulately and with great detail. They portray this side of the argument more clearly and effectively than I can right now, while also carrying more general credibility and academic quality (peer reviewed, professionally sources/citations, etc) within them than anything I can type up.

If your true goal here really is to get your questions cleared up, then read them-they will accomplish that goal better than anything else.

If you just want to argue, I can't help you.


Let's get to the root of it all. I want to take a customer service based approach. As a person who now speaks for all white people, what can we do for you, specifically, that will stop these frontal assaults on our group and our politics? Go away? Give you money? Give you land? Make more room in grad school classes or in government positions (that necessarily exclude the meritacritous candidates)? What? We'll do anything.

Ignoring all of the hyperbole and mischaracterization here, any resolution of modern racial inequalities and concerns would require acknowledgement of white privilege before it could be implemented.

Give what you said here...

Quote: (02-16-2012 09:16 PM)hydrogonian Wrote:  

No, that is a permanent acknowledgent of something that will forever inhibit the political ability of a specific group, forever and ever without end, making it both a ludicrous acknowledgment that would effect a permanent political advantage of other groups over it.

Men in free societies don't negotiate permamnet political advantages for specific groups. If there is a problem, we work to solve the root issue.

Is that what you want, a permanent political advantage? Or do you want a society where you get what you earn from your own merit?

...this probably won't happen, at least not on your end.

Thus, there actually is no solution to this problem and there will be no end to it either.

Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles. Know yourself but not your enemy, find level of loss and victory. Know thy enemy but not yourself, wallow in defeat every time.

Interracial Marriages Rising in the US

Race threads do this forum no good. They never have.

Tuth: feel free to lock up these types of threads if you see them before I do.

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