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Will Gay Marriage in the USA effect Game?

Will Gay Marriage in the USA effect Game?


Does it make lizards more receptive since the pool of eligibles is smaller or does it make them more critical, holding the straights to the standards of the effeminate men?

It wouldn't make the pool of eligible of men smaller, it will remain the same. The guys were gay before, it's just that they can actually get married legally now.

I'm convinced that gay marriage is a movement made by the lesbians to make their relationships feel more legit.

Quote: (08-18-2016 12:05 PM)dicknixon72 Wrote:  
...and nothing quite surprises me anymore. If I looked out my showroom window and saw a fully-nude woman force-fucking an alligator with a strap-on while snorting xanex on the roof of her rental car with her three children locked inside with the windows rolled up, I wouldn't be entirely amazed.

Will Gay Marriage in the USA effect Game?

And right outside DC:

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