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Belize Datasheet

Belize Datasheet

I just spent a week in Belize so I’ll give a quick update to this thread.

The first thing I found surprising was that English is the main language. The locals also speak creole and Spanish. Accents are similar to what you would find in the Caribbean islands. Overall the locals were really mediocre, definitely not my type. I’d imagine you could get the flag without too much difficulty, but quality would be hard.

Caye Caulker:
This island was great, especially if you are looking for a quick getaway from NA. Beers go for $3, lobsters for $12-15. You can use either USD or the local currency which I believe is fixed at .5usd. You’ll find mostly American and Canadian tourists, with some Argentinians, Israelis, Aussies, and other Europeans mixed in. Ratio wasn’t bad at all.

The mains bars:
Day: Koko
You have to catch free boat ride here, but it’s a nice relaxing bar that offers free tubes, chairs, and hammocks as long as you are ordering drinks or food. Great place to catch the sunset.

Green Lizard:
At one end of the island, good drinks, cheap happy hour, cool 2 story bar with a huge area along the water for swimming or laying out.

Night: Sports bar- seems to be the place to start the night. Free shots each hour. Also, for sports fans, they show pretty much any game you could want during the day time. Dance floor gets hot but it’s a great place to plant some seeds. Closes at midnight.

Reggae bar: fun bar with 2 bars and a dance floor between. Opens at 11:30 or so before sports bar closes and everyone relocates there. Great place to pull.

Logistics: Half decent hotels are pretty cheap, maybe $50-80. Any location is basically fine because the island is so small. Airbnb may be ideal but I’m not sure what the prices are like. Hostel dorms are $10, but you may miss out on a lay, although the beach is a viable option.

Summary: great get away island for North Americans, especially in the winter time. Should be pretty easy lays, but not many locals. I’d prefer San Juan del Sur personally, but this is closer and Caribbean. Food was fantastic, I had lobster every day.

I also went to San Ignacio for a couple nights. Not much to speak of for night life but an absolute must if you are in Belize. The ATM ruined are something you must see at some point in your life.

Belize Datasheet

Just got back from Caye Caulker a few days ago. DigitalNomad pretty much hit it on the nail in the post above. Go day drinking at Lazy Lizard (not Green Lizard - I'm pretty sure DN meant this one lol) or Koko King (you have to take a boat to the other island - but it's free and runs every ~15 mins; or swim across the Split if you dare lol). Start the night off at Sports Bar and Grill (closes around 11:45) and walk with everyone to I&I Reggae Bar (closes at 1am, 2am on the weekends). You can also try gaming at the late night grub place near I&I (to-go only, closes at 4am). Last Wednesday Lazy Lizard had an 80s night beach party until 2am but I am not sure if this is every Wednesday. Come here to pick up backpacker girls (saw a ton of Canadians) but not for local girls. And for amazing cheap lobster! BTW you can use USD here and Belizean dollar is fixed at a 2:1 ratio (i.e., 1 USD = 2 BZD).

Belize Datasheet

Currently on San Pedro. Town seems a bit drab, even with all the tourists. Gonna check out the nightlife later.

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