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What's Your Plate/LTR/Girlfriend's Myers-Briggs Personality ?

What's Your Plate/LTR/Girlfriend's Myers-Briggs Personality ?

@TheMaleBrain, I wouldn't be surprised if you mistyped as an Enfp.
ESTJ (extraverted thinking) is the tertiary function of an Enfp. As an enfp grows older, the 3rd and 4th functions develop and even out the more dominant 1st and 2nd functions.

That's the type I get nowadays since those are the functions I use the most at work.

The fact you typed both of your girls as intuitives leads me to believe this. Intuitive MBTI types always end up finding each other. Especially so, INTJs and ENFPs are a natural match. Infps not as much but they're pretty close to us in many ways. Partner MBTI types can help give away your own as well.

If you're really interested I would find someone who does this for businesses and have them do their tests. My first MBTI test was this way and I found it very accurate. All of those online tests can be rather dubious.

As for me, my girl is an INTJ. I'm an Enfp.

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