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Online income possiblities? what are they?

Online income possiblities? what are they?

so if you do not want a day job what are your options today? seems to me theres 5 options

1)doing blogs and travel videos(requires a good camera and a lot of capital to travel,unique videos etc and a good slice of luck
2)become a proffesional gambler(very hard) most lose money here

3)work as a salesman or open a online business (very time consuming and sometimes no results))

4) become a professional trader(requires a big capital and atleast 1 or 2 years of studying) risky as hell

5) become a prostitute(works well for ladies not so much for men)

is there any way one can earn money online without investing 1 or 2 years to study and learn the market and without a large capital? how do you earn enough money on a consistent basis that you can live anywhere in the world ? any suggestions? like even 1000 to 2000 USD per month is enough for me

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