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Reply to thread: Roosh's monthly income could have been more than $10,000 dollars if he had a brain...
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Posted by Artique - 02-14-2024, 06:09 PM
You could see where Roosh lived in his videos. And back then Poland was cheaper than it is now.
Posted by Blackychan - 02-12-2024, 09:12 PM
There was no way in hell he was making that kind of money when he ran the forum. I think he used the forum to promote his books, tours, merchandise. He probably made at least $120k per year from everything. In one of his old videos he said he spent like $30k per year. But anyways i don't imagine Citron is making anything from the forum since i dont see any ads.
Posted by whitemike - 02-11-2024, 07:52 PM
That website does not belong to me. I am a Caucasian individual hailing from the state of Texas. The numbers are likely to be imprecise. He is probably involved in a substantially larger quantity of activities and numbers. He is creating a resort in Thailand that is solely accessible to members and is centered around an investment fund. Additionally, he aims to develop three other substantial platforms. The figure POSTED has the potential to escalate to $40,000-80,000 PER MONTH within a span of one year. Examine Andrew Tate's Hustler University. The community has amassed over 200,000 paid members, each contributing a monthly fee of $50 to remain active within the discord platform. If half of those figures are accurate, the total amount would be $5 million every MONTH.
Posted by Archivist - 02-11-2024, 02:04 AM
How accurate are these numbers? Is your Culture Whiz website really giving you $10K/month in ad revenue?
Posted by whitemike - 02-09-2024, 07:09 PM
Roosh could have been touring the world, living a luxury lifestyle with a monthly income of more than $10,000, but Google dislikes forums and hate content. So he had to take a job, like a loser.

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PAG on the other hand is killing it

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