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Ecuador Thread

Ecuador Thread

I spent a week in Quito, and these have been my observations and experiences.

Quito is an old, historic city, the oldest capital in South America (founded in the 1500s.) The weather is cooler, and the closest culture I can compare it to is the American Pacific Northwest -- rainy, cooler weather inspires people to be a bit more closed off both in terms of clothing, and personality than say a Lima-local.

I pipelined ahead of time, and I managed to accumulate phone numbers for several local women. It started great at first, meeting a cute 29 year-old at the bar, before going back to my place. After a few days, I had never met a more entitled, and less attractive group of Latin American women before. I have never experienced such chronic ghosting, stand-ups, or flaking before this. The best way I can describe the women here is they're odd, and very prickly. They can be very squeamish about meeting after 8 PM. And I say this as I'm staying in a very nice, secure area. In Lima or San Salvador, I would invite a woman out at 10 PM, and she shows up no problem, hell there was even a time where a girl said she'll come over after her shift at 1 AM and there she was. These situations seemingly do not occur here.

Had I not experienced the greatness of other LATAM countries, my contempt for the dating culture wouldn't be so acute. I did manage to score, but only with age-appropriate women via apps (I'm in my 30s.) Daygame is best in Parque Carolina and Quicentro Mall. But chances of seeing a stunner are rare. And seeing a stunner in an approachable context (solo or with a friend) is even rarer. Overall, I give this city a DNB warning to -- do not bang Quito. Opt for Lima, or San Salvador instead, which has way more approachable, DTF women, and it has better weather. 

If you absolutely must visit Quito, here are my recommendations...

- De La Llama (great spot)
- Marcando El Camino (they are generally reservation-only, but it's well worth it.)

- Santa Rosa (decent local beers)
- Rock and Mint (they play great music, plus great logistics if you're staying in Parque Carolina)
- Liverpool (kind of an older WASP bar inside of a hotel, not great for dates, but cool to grab a quick pint and recharge)

- Love Me (Rooftop/dancing)
- Mongos 
- Katari

- The bakery at the bottom of the IQON building, the name escapes me (Parque Carolina)
- Cafe Europa (they have outdoor seating for smokers)

Things To Do:
- Secret Garden Hostel's free walking tour
- Iglesia San Francisco

- Be sure to stay around either Parque Carolina or downtown (near the sights)

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