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I'm back

I'm back

hi, i was a member of the old forum. joined in 2017 and was reading quite a lot before.

i wasn't able to recover my old account btw even though the interface offered that.

anyway, nice to have this back up as an archive, good job citron.

i don't think many of the old users are aware of this. not sure where they all went, some of them are on swooptheworld for sure but that place is declining as well since the content is not publicly visible anymore and it's down more often than up. i guess the forum is broken somehow and they fail to fix it.

unfortunately this forum here is really dead.

also tbh i don't really feel comfortable contributing a lot here because i'm not keen on been associated with roosh. he produced interesting content initially but then started to freak out more and more. all this racism stuff that got him banned of all platforms and then his church obsession that was the final nail in his coffin.

i feel like this place could maybe be a good hub to start something new. i'm not gonna start with concrete suggestions though as i don't wanna come across like just registering here to hijack your forum.

here are some of my old posts in case anyone cares:

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