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my experiences in daygame

my experiences in daygame

I am a beginner and I feel like talking to girls on street is the hardest thing compared to talking to them in my graphics class or somewhere else. 
anyway I have approached girls on the street and in the beginning I used to call them cutes but it didn't ever work. what worked was some push pull and some of the things I learned from swinggcat. Roosh V's elderly opener or situation opener is the best compared to asking random girls on street their opinion on sex or whatever lol. some of the things swinggcat teaches actually work like magic and I think you guys should check it out(I am not telling you to pay for anything because everything in available in pdf and torrent nowadays)
getting past the approach anxiety was the hardest thing in existence but I managed to do it few times as I still freeze most of the time but sometimes kinda manage to just do it. For me asking girls about direction might be the easiest way to get comfortable in talking to girls over time.
I didn't yet get a date from talking to girls on street. I got few fb account names but I mostly freaking forget the names by the time I get home.

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