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South European single men topic

South European single men topic

I am a 40 years old living in a South European country. I've been with around 30 women in my life, made like 5 serious relationships, learned PUA stuff 14 years ago, before even dating coaches appeared in our country and I admit that I scored some using PUA techniques.

To summarize, after my early 30s I realised that I had to get married. What I didn't know is that things with "Supply & Demand" would become worse and worse over years. I broke up with my serious relationships over serious issues. I got cheated in 2 of them, I had a narcissist in one of them, in another her psychotic mother was calling her every 2 hours etc. etc. In one it was my fault cos I was with an HB4 for like 2 years between my 21-23 when I had no standards.

The situation is so Fked up that over the last 6 years I had only one serious relationship and all others were lasting one month or less. 

South European countries have the lowest fertility rate worldwide. Not only we have less marriages , but we have less relationships too. Fertility rates vary from 1,1 to 1,3.
Women here value themselves very high for no reason. Maybe the Mediterranean life plays a big role, as they prefer to go to beach bars, islands and party all the time, rather than making meaningful relationships or growing up their kids.

Now most of women who are reading this might think that I have some problem. I will surprise them by telling them that I am not playing the game in a Very Hard mode. I have:
- A company.
- I am an influencer with a lot of subscribers.
- I have 3 houses and one of them is a villa in an island near the sea.
- Access to Facebook Dating, Tinder Gold and Badoo, as well as Dating agencies , to counter the fact that my friends circle is very small.
- Blue eyes, 20m d1ck which can last for a long period (cos some people might figure out anything on why my long-term relationships didn't work).

Maybe the fact that I'm 1,76 , with normal body weight but not muscles might hurt my image , but hey, I am not into perfect fitness models or something. My standards that I hit are something between 6,5 - 9. 

Early 00's was different than now because we didn't have social media which boosted women's confidence and gave them a lot of options.

So now Europe is dying, USA and some Eastern Asian countries are also dying and that's not only due to social media but also with the fact that since the patriarchic family model died and women had no pressure of getting married, they thought that they can actually get like 2-3 numbers above them. Appearance, character, status, money. While men only value appearance (mostly) and character.

What PUA game does:
- It boosts your confidence.
- It helps you avoid shit.tests.
- You get an early advantage to meet women which normally you wouldn't do.

What PUA game doesn't do:
- After the sparkling thing goes off, it can't change the fact they in women's mind, in most cases you will be valued lower than what she wants. 
And that's the elephant in the room. We can't change the s**t in their head! Half of Europeans are single and combine it with 52% worldwide divorce rate , so more than half of the population is single.

To add to the women's demand we have a 2nd elephant in the room which are base differences:
- Feminists Vs Based
- Unvaccinated Vs Unvaccinated 
- Narcissists are increasing worldwide. Real numbers are false. No "5%" and no "50-75% men". That's bs. It should be like more than 10% narcissistics and women are closing the gap to 50-50.
- Conservative Vs Woke (who see no problem in their future child to have LGBT sexual education in school ignoring that 20% of Gen Z are LGBT which push fertility rate down further).

The biggest elephants in the room are those:
A) Women have very high standards. They are 3 TIMES more selective than men. On average women swipe right on Tinder in around 14% and men at 46%.
And that's only the appearance ! They don't know if that guy is rich or of it has status or something!
B) Women have more options due to social media.
(* They have nearly zero understanding of their real value as they cry every day that "Men don't exist" while giving rejections in a daily basis on social media. They only understand they had a delusional life at their mid 40s when their proposals from men are limited only to those that don't want kids).

So to summarise I have no idea on what I could do to get a serious relationship that will lead to a marriage. Maybe exercise more and improve my friends circle. Maybe target Latin American countries in dating apps which gave me some matches and bring one of them in Europe ? No idea.
Seriously, I know both men and women who didn't have sex for years. I even dated three smoking hot women who were virgins in ages 26, 30 and 35, with the first two that  led to serious relationships...with narcissism and shit tests.

So any open conversation and advices are welcome.
I am disappointed but I keep going out on weekends and try my best in social media. But the odds after 40 are against us. Advice to younger men: If you find the woman of your life at an early age, go and get married. As you grow up your chances decrease every day. Not all women want to date 10 year old older men.

South European single men topic

Hey buddy, hard to believe you’ve been in PUA so long and you advise people to get married? Unless you spelled impregnate wrong. Impregnate as fast as possible, and if she resents it, bail and find a sweeter girl who’ll accept it.

Yeah Greece is hard, but you don’t have to go to brown countries. You can go to EE, or my favorite, Sweden, or anywhere else in Europe.

Sell a house, buy a Porsche, drive it to Poland or Czechia or Hungary, and cruise around small towns asking attractive girls for directions. Then ask them for a drink.

You can find a mother for your children guaranteed if you do this 10 hours/day every day for a month.

There’s so much more to say on this, and I will PM you a resource. Maybe I’ll post more here too later, but I am kind of busy right now. I am in Sweden and doing pretty much what I told you to do, only without the Porsche (might be buying a Ducati though once the weather opens up).

Do you need the car or the bike? Fuck no. But it makes the approaches easier and more fun, and you sound like you could use a little hack.

There are way more cool tricks to use. We can chat whenever you want, hit me up. Don’t give up! I’ll find you an article I read recently that explains that the birth issue is temporary as the celibate die off and the next generation is selected for loving children and having more and more of them. We’re just at an evolutionary bottleneck is all, and I want you to make it, brother! And going by your specs, you can do it. Just need to be smart about it. Don’t go out for fuck’s sakes, find a middle aged introvert who’s ready for kids and put a baby in her ASAP. Daygame will give you this, but you have to go hard and talk to 1000 chicks.

South European single men topic

EE is not great anymore, especially after the war in Ukraine. it has gone downhill. Poland is a ghost of what it once was. Quality of life has also improved and foreigners are seen as fun seekers only.
Women over 35 are damaged goods with serious issues 99% of times. Tough times for guys over 40 definitely. You need to look for countries where age gaps are acceptable or find a sugar babe.

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