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Lima 2024 Datasheet

Lima 2024 Datasheet

So I spent 2 weeks in Lima in 2024.

I stayed in Miraflores, which is typically the safest neighborhood, and the locals will attest to this. Daygame and cold approach is best left to do on Jose Larco Avenida, the big main street. I would add Julio 28 Avenida is a great side street right for insta-day dates. Very calm, and laid back, you can take in the floral sights, the nice weather, and the street is a bit quieter.

I tried my hand at Daygame, but I wasn't able to pull much (I got really shy doing cold approach for some reason.) Tinder, however, was great, and I was even able to be fairly direct, and quick. I got lucky with 5 ladies overall. If I could do it all over again, I would have spent more time on Daygame, to optimize the talent, be more picky on girls' looks, and also do more Couchsurfing events to find even more beautiful women (lots of beautiful foreign women outpace the local talent.)

I should note I found Larcomar (admittedly a cool outdoor mall), and Kennedy Park lacking for Daygame potential. Volume doesn't really get there until later. I'm not a big clubber, although I was invited to a couple of events. Just didn't have the energy.

Lima is great for dining, and enjoying in general. They do take their ceviche seriously, so if you enjoy fresh fish, this is where you want to be.

Mercado San Martin -- Open space food market, great for a quick bite.
Piola Cafe -- cozy cafe to grab a slice of cake and coffee (I'm a cafe kind of guy)
Celina -- attached to a hotel, this place has lots of foreign talent 
Lucha -- not a date spot per se, but they have excellent Peruvean cheeseburgers, and fast food
Intro Cafe Bar -- touristy vibe, but comfy
Cafe Milenaria -- Millenial cafe vibe, cool, nice bites.
Malajuntas -- great place to grab artesianal Peruvean beers and bites
Dorcher Bier -- German style beer spot, fun for a date
Punto Azul -- great ceviche spot
El Peso On -- my favorite ceviche spot if only for the 'aji' (local pepper)

Overall, Lima is likely one of the easier cities to get lucky in. I could have gotten more action, but after girl #4 I was tired quite frankly. Girl #5 made me wait, which turned out to be what I needed. I returned home tired, with a smile on my face, and a rejuvenated spirit.

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