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Argentine ver 2.0 ? Has it reseted ?

Argentine ver 2.0 ? Has it reseted ?

I was reading in RooshV's books, but also here, how difficult and inaccessible Argentina is. Strange, I recently talked to some prostitutes on skokka, and I was amazed how friendly they can be with me. I become friends with a lot of them. They are incredible good looking . Also transexuals have big cocks if you are into it . 

I also saw videos from the street ,posted by  Rami Travel on youtube, and I saw that in Argentina there are the most women who waved  hands at him, or tried to talk to him.  or wanted to meet him. More like in Vietnam or Colombia.

The minimum wage in the economy is only around 100 dollars,  yes only 1000 dollars a month . you can eat in a restaurant for 2 dollars. Everything is very cheap, except the rent. The city looks like it is new. And you have a lot of things to see. Also, the street security is much higher than that of the other countries in America.

I also saw in one of the videos how 3 "gringos" (white guys) went to drink coffee...with over a hundred women. Yup! Meeting! 100 women, they were all crossing the street and entering a cafe with them, just like that ! Of course they weren't PUAs, I think they had some kind of modeling agency or some other kind of bait, to get access to such women. also the female/male seems pretty decent. 

i also saw many youtubers having girlfriends, if they went there. like normals girls, picked them up. like street dancers, the girls from supermarkets,etc. 
i don't quite understand how these girls can "hard to get"

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Argentine ver 2.0 ? Has it reseted ?

I've never been, but from what I've seen online, Argentina has some of the hottest women I've ever seen. Must be that Italian DNA.

Argentine ver 2.0 ? Has it reseted ?

(09-04-2023, 08:47 PM)xeon Wrote:  "Also transexuals have big cocks if you are into it."

You must be a queer faggot, right?

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