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What enduring value did RVF produce?
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What enduring value did RVF produce?

30 years ago the the so-called “seduction” industry develops, an enterprise to sell seminars and media promising to teach men how to seduce or pick up women, leading to these men being called pick-up artists (PUAs).  The first PUA forum,, founded in 1994, facilitated the industry’s expansion to a community subculture. Among the new forums emerging in the 1990s was Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project, where the term incel was coined. Founded by a bisexual woman in Toronto, the forum aimed to support people who wanted but lacked romantic relationships. While this forum was not created with a misogynistic ideology in mind, the pickup artist and incel communities shared members who were disappointed with their lack of sexual experience.

In the mid-2000s, game methods and PUA culture gained prominence in popular culture due to the best-selling 2005 book The Game by journalist Neil Strauss, who immersed himself in PUA culture, and the VH1 reality show The Pick-Up Artist, which premiered in 2007. Also at this time, the so-called Manosphere formed, spearheaded by the three retards: Rollo, Roissy, and Roosh. They further expanded on the concept of the sexual Marketplace. According to this framework, every person has a “sexual market value” (SMV) informed by characteristics including, but not limited to: physical looks, fitness, age, wealth, and social class. This leads, they assert, to a distribution of women following the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of women pursue the top 20 percent of men, leaving the bottom 20 percent of women for the remaining 80 percent of men. Most of these ideas were built on a simplified version of evolutionary biology. PUAs suggest men improve their SMV by learning “game” (techniques to seduce women), earning more money, and/or improving their physical appearance through working out. These beliefs also feed red pill philosophy, which “awakens” men to the supposed reality of feminist control.

Beginning around 2016, incel forums like RVF were populated almost exclusively by autistic spectrum handicaps and began to shift from a Red Pill to an increasing “Black Pill” mentality that women choose sexual partners based solely on physical features (“lookism”), so whether or not a person will be an incel is predetermined.  The Black Pill philosophy typically offers only two options for what to do with their new accepted reality: accept their fate as an incel or try to change society to their benefit. Political ideas supported by incels range from concentration camps for women to mandating government-sponsored girlfriends and enforced monogamy to wiping out most of the existing “alpha” men and women. The Santa Barbara shooter had his own vision for an ideal society that his manifesto conveys. The specifics of a political agenda are not cohesively developed for the overall movement; however, they see themselves as an oppressed group that can only improve their situation through a total overthrow and restructuring of society.

[Image: mDJD3Pnh.png]

To summarize, what enduring value did RVF produce? To normal people, it appears to have opened a Pandora's box of mental disease that has required considerable effort to contain. However, RVF has also helped academics understand incels and the Red Pill to Black Pill framework as a framework for individuals to articulate their mental illness in relation to some previously hidden alleged truth.

[Image: dWPE8pmh.jpg]

Autistic spectrum incels attempt to show the veracity of their beliefs by misinterpreting scientific research, online dating datasets, and conducting their own "experiments" to demonstrate that women care primarily about a man's physical appearance. Although some incels continue to pursue plastic surgery, work out ("gym maxxing"), or otherwise attempt to improve their physical appearance, many believe such efforts are futile because inceldom is a societal issue, not an individual one, etc, etc.

I believe that ignorance and bias has its place, and can contribute to the development of truth because it forces you to think outside your normal thought cycles. It's a bit like studying Philosophy. Philosophy is useless in itself. Philosophy is like doing pushups. What’s the point of pushups, so you can do more pushups? Maybe for some. But we can see how this capitalist approach to gain for the sake of being able to gain more is completely ridiculous. So, philosophy is useless. It helps your thinking skill grow and that's it. That is how RVF should be regarded. Useless and stupid. The students of today have prioritized the immediate, blind relegation of prejudice to the status of intellectual inferiority, and as a result, they don't have the intellectual firepower to eradicated prejudice through logic and critical thinking as opposed to empty, instinctual bias. This has given rise to the right-wing, who claim they are unfairly persecuted and dismissed.

[Image: 475glGKh.jpg]

When I initially began warning in 2016 that autistic people posed a grave threat, many people were utterly unaware of autism spectrum illnesses, and nobody made the link. Autism is not a minor disorder. It is not simply a pattern of social eccentricities, as many members of the neurodiversity community believe. Frequently, affected persons exhibit not only major social handicaps, but also a degree of linguistic impairment, issues with information processing, hypersensitivity, and a propensity for sensory overload and weariness. Many of these individuals require intensive psychotherapy and medication. Sensory level delusional activation due to regional overactivation and incoherent patterns across the cerebral cortex, which appear when too many regions of the brain activate concurrently, can have a significant long-term effect. We see this as the autistic Red Pill has been adopted more broadly by far-right and white supremacist groups to describe their own versions of awakenings, conspiracist worldviews that often overlaps with male supremacist positions, such as antifeminism.

[Image: QNU7crnh.jpg]

To summarize, promoting RVF content as a "beacon of light" is to promote a sad life. See: RVF content serves as a gateway drug to the Red and ultimately Black Pill. This eventually leads to damnation on Earth. Any belief system that embraces the Red Pill concept of a society ruled by women, but dismisses individual-level efforts with women arguing that only societal change has the potential to be beneficial is ridiculously stupid and should be taken seriously.

What enduring value did RVF produce?

More value than the prick above. Next.

They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety- Benjamin Franklin, as if you didn't know...

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