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My thanks to Roosh and the whole of the Manosphere

My thanks to Roosh and the whole of the Manosphere

I've been mostly a Manosphere lurker for over 10 years. About five years ago, I decided to pull a Roosh and go live overseas. I've been in Moscow ever since.

To make a long story short, I married a beautiful Russian woman with traditional values who is now fulfilling her dream to be a housewife. And last week she gave birth to an 8 pound, healthy baby boy.

Other than extreme happiness, I'm also feeling extremely grateful and thankful for all of the wisdom and insight that the Manosphere and the reactionary right have given to me.

Roosh, Patrice O'Neal, Heartiste, the Stoics and countless others posters and pundits. Also, my expat friends here in Moscow. They've helped me become the man and father I am today. How to lift, how to employ game, how to see the world for what it is.

Fatherhood with a wonderful wife is a gift that I cannot ever repay. I hope you all get the chance that I've gotten.

If you have any questions about Russia or Moscow, feel free to message me. It's the least I can do.

My thanks to Roosh and the whole of the Manosphere

Extremely underrated post OP.

Men generally refer to the manosphere as the reason they are banging hot young women and not getting married. You on the other hand appear to have used it for a traditionally masculine purpose. This is not common, hence, the understatement.

So we have the "No marriage, bang away" crowd and the "Marriage, kids, tradition" crowd. Make no mistake, these are 2 sides of the aisle, although there seem to be more of the former than the latter.

I am also married and a father of 3 healthy young children. There are not many like us. Reaching across the aisles can be a challenge because there are consequences to each philosophy.

For the "No Marriage, bang away" crowd, the consequences are that you may get too old to raise healthy children and definitely too old to be alive to see grandkids. The benefits are that you will get to be with a variety of women and will have more time and resources just for yourself. However, on the other hand I find it hard to see the spending of these resources to be with sluts as any meaningful investment. Sure, you get some benefit but, for what? Increasing notch count? Unless there are other benefits to you, like travel, think carefully.

For the "Marriage, kids, tradition" crowd, the consequences are that you have responsibilities much more significant than before and lack of resources (time, variety or lack of women, money) to game openly. The benefits here come in the form of satisfaction in raising a healthy family and especially children, passing on your legacy and having something meaningful to look forward to as you see your legacy succeed in the world even beyond you. To me this is an investment. Sure there are major risks like divorce but even still, men have handled the situation in a reasonable way.

Let's just say this, as someone that cherishes conservative, traditionally masculine values, I would never give up my family and investment in my legacy to go game and live freely. Just doesn't feel right.

My thanks to Roosh and the whole of the Manosphere

Seems like a good life OP. If you couldn't make that sort of thing happen in the West, going to Russia seems like a decent idea. Keep living a good life!

My thanks to Roosh and the whole of the Manosphere

Congrats OP.

I also am a US expat now living in Estonia. Married to a beautiful, submissive wife and father to 2 beautiful children.

Heartiste, Rational Male, Roosh manosphere et al has been instrumental in my development of this reality.

It was not my plan to create a family through game but when it happened I embraced the path and I am very pleased with the outcome.



My thanks to Roosh and the whole of the Manosphere

Regarding the marriage vs. bang away crowd...

I'm a year older than Roosh. You can see what happens to men as they approach 40. Your libido goes down a notch. Your wild oats have been sown. Your tolerance for flaky, vapid girls lowers. It's a process. That being said, I recommend you don't wait until you're 40 to start a family. It's not easy being an old dad.

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