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Paying for dates

Paying for dates

I first want to apologize if this had already been done (which I can't imagine it hasn't). I tried to search the forums before posting but found nothing like it.

How many of you pay when going on dates?
If you do or don't pay post and tell me why.
If you don't pay how do you go about doing that?
If you do sometimes and don't other times tell me why/how you decide when to?

I have drastically reduced the amount of money I spend on dates and changed where I take dates, but I still usually pay. If I see the girl has her wallet out or is saying, whether feigning or not, she will pay half I let her pay for herself. If she has no money out and/or is expecting me to pay I usually do to avoid the awkwardness. This is because one time this fat chick from tinder, who I didn't realize was fat beforehand, expected me to pay for half and had no money with her when we went out and I made her Venmo me right there while paying and it was really awkward, until I banged the whale later...

I am personally very interested in how you get her to pay for herself without being perceived as rude or whatever the girl is surely gonna shit test you with.


Paying for dates

There have been other discussions on the forum about this. Search further.

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