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No more anxiety?

No more anxiety?

Hey other newbies. I don't know what happened yesterday but I lost all my anxiety and wanted to share in case it helped someone else out.

I went from only ever being able to muster the courage to approach 2 or 3 girls in an hour or more and only closing 1 or 2 each time (while shaking, dry mouth, not holding eye contact). Yesterday I approached 12 girls in about an hour and a half with my friend who was approaching different girls too and I closed 10/12 of them (and several of which were showing VERY high IOI). My friend who is more noob than me closed 3/4 because he got too anxious many times it was his turn to go.

What I did was finally start believing the things we so often say, but seldom believe. I started thinking of it like this: If I went up to people and was asking for $100 dollars and I REALLY needed it and they said no I would feel bad, but if I was walking up to people and offering them $100 and they declined I would think they were crazy and just move on. I am the $100 and am offering you a chance with me when I approach, but if you're not interested that is your loss!! I also decided that I am gonna be a fucking man and part of being a man is confronting your fears and conquering them and as long as I am nervous and out of control I will never have what I want because WOMEN WANT MEN, not scared little boys.

Of the two girls that declined I probably could have done better on the open and not been as cockily aggressive when I tried to stop her on the street. The other one said she was "talking to someone" and when I tried to press on anyways she wasn't interested so I just said "OK, it was nice meeting you!" and got up from the table and sat at the table RIGHT BEHIND HER and closed another cutie who was eating lunch alone in this food court. The first girl actually got mad and packed her stuff up and left when I did that, which I thought was kinda funny.

tl;dr: Women WANT MEN. Men confront their fears and rise above them. Conquer your fears or you will never be the man women want. Also, you are offering these women something of value (yourself) so if they don't want it that's their loss! On to the next one!

No more anxiety?

Good mentality, purposely foster this good attitude and forbid negative thoughts before they take root.

No more anxiety?

I would suggest a different tactic:
Plant your feet and keep talking. If she leaves - that's fine. If not, you are still in set.
This is unless you feel she is a "NO" girl.

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