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Reverse Hypergamy anyone?

Reverse Hypergamy anyone?

Since my marriage was over and I started to walk toward self healing I began reading about many things that helped me understand women behavior since I learned that my case wasnt isolated and is more common than I thought.
Reading articles on websites and watching videos lead me to this forum and one of the subjects that intrigued me the most is the hypergamy which I believe must be true to some point, and I wonder if that may work in reverse too...let me exlain myself:

Almost 20 years ago I just entered college and was trying to take my life more seriously, finished a troubled relationship, got a job at a department store on the shoes department, and then got promoted to the toy department as a supervisor,the store was located in front of a movie theat

With some savings, a bonus I received and an uncle lend me some more I got enough to buy an old car from an american enginer who worked at the canal zone, I found a newspaper add about a car that I coudnt believe so I call and an set the appointment for the next morning since I was off.

Guy looked like an old biker(bald but no beard, in shape and with tatoos) He began talking spanish( he was listening to old bands like ACDC and Black Sabath, and we started talking, at some point we sitched to english(which I learned through videogames, movies and music) and he told me that since they were going back to the U.S. he was going to retire and going to florida since he was divorced: Are you married kid? heasked me, I said : no, lol Im too young for that.

"Never get married, you meet a princess, want a partner, but once t hey live with you they transform into bitches"( I should have carved that in my skin)

Anyway I got the car and even the sun shined more than usual,I hit some Soundgarden and hit the road.

Somedays I used to go to the theater in front of the store I worked, alone when I wanted to watch a movie nobody else wanted to, there I meet a girl, one of the clerks in the theatre, she was thin but with curves,kind of athletic,long and somewhat curly dark brown hair and big light brown eyes, almost hazel, she looked a little bit like Mila Kunis from that 70s show(even some people told her but she didnt know who was her she could have been a model.

I used to bring food from Burguer King to the theatre ,one afternoon a clerk came to me while watching the movie, and told me: "Sir, you cant bring food to the theatre", then she laughed and told me: "unless you share the fries with me".

The girl was born on a really far away poor rural town in the middle of nowhere,and when she finished her highschool she moved to my city to go to college(which she didnt) with an aunt on a ghetto on the outskirts of the city, meaning she had the embarrasing manners of both.

We started dating since she was funny and we had amazing sex,but suddenly she began dressing better, way better like designer clothers, like a model or celebrity,and getting more money to invite me to expensive places without me paying for anything even buying me clothes( I was more into grunge, metalhead style, but she got me some cool looking clothes, the type some rockstars used at the time.

Then I realized that she had a criminal mind, she basically begged for the shift at the candy store in the theatre, the job nobody wanted, when customers ordered combos(drink+pop corn+nachos, etc) instead she bill them separatelly , and keeping the difference, she made tons of money with that.

She was so in love with me that called me her"Alladin"(said I looked like Disney's Alladin) and her "charming prince" and treated me like one, but at some point she became obsessed, you know sometimes guys have to be guys and hang up with the guys, meaning if i decided to go out and play pool with my friends she called me to my mobile and then appeared there, first time it was cute, but later she began doing it all the time, even starting a scuffle with some guys because a girl there was looking at me.

She was so into me that I begin ignoring her calls sometimes and she even searched for me in my usual hang outs" I came here because its saturday so I assumed you came here to a band gig instead of playing pool", she got another job at the most expensive and exclusive departmanent store in the city( mostly because she was good looking) and at that point I called quits because she was driving me crazy.

A friend who was older than me told me"the best way to finish that thing is to make her want to end it, take her to a hotel, and be nasty while fucking her, scrach her with your nails, bite her, leave marks, be dirty, rude, she will want to end it unless she is into a hardcore kinky stuff and is a psyco bitch"gues what.... she was.

So one day I spoke with her and said that I was fired, and had to move to anther city, and made lots of excuses, she cried and it was over.

We dated/hanged for 6 months, and if she didnt became so fucking psycho we would probably had gotten into something more serious.

For some reaason even though I never bought her home ,she had an idea of where I lived( an apartment building in an upscale area) I swear that I heard her drunk calling me outsideI had changed my phone and switched jobs, now worked for a cable company , so she wasnt able to find me , I even avoided my usual hangouts, since one of them closed and the other became boring.

Years went by, I married, and one day while walking with my ex wife a little girl ran by and fall by my side, when I picked the girl (prob 5 years old) her mom came and took her( It was she!,looking at me like if I were a ghost( she didnt look too bad, either, but showing some years on her!! without saying anything and without taking her eyes off me an almost whispered :"Thank you" came out of her mouth, even my (then)wife said when she leaved:" Did you know her?"I answered: "No, of course not"Then I guess she liked you " I just said : "Bullshit"

Ok End of this long and probably boring story... but What Im trying to explain or what Im wondering, we talk a lot about banging 10,9, etc, she was probably a sloid 8.5 back in the day, I would say still a 7 , but she probably was in love with me for what I represented or what she thought I was, in comparison with her I was wealthy( which I wasnt) educated, with a car, blah,blah,blah, and somehow I realized that most women in my same conditions are looking for guys on a better situation, better than theirs. Thats probably what she did, so should we look for women on worse condition than ours, will that make things easier? Like the guys that take girls from foreign poor countries?

Thats What I mean by reverse Hypergamy

Please let me know what you think (similar experiences?)and, sorry for the looooong boring story.

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