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Best Online Personal Trainers / Programs in 2018

Best Online Personal Trainers / Programs in 2018

If you have a favorite workout program or have actually tried an online personal trainer, how was it? Any recommendations or bad experiences?

I want the Brad Pitt in Troy Look or like the Kinobody dude Greg G.

My choices now are Mario Tomic or Jeff Cavaliler.

I'm open to other recommendations.

A. Beginner
B. Intermediate
C. Advanced


Best Online Personal Trainers / Programs in 2018

I've been working with Mike Lusby. really great guy.

Best Online Personal Trainers / Programs in 2018

Here´s the thing:

If you´re just entering into the whole "fitness" lifestyle, having a personal trainer would be a nice thing. This will make you have a consistent schedulle for the first few months so that you acquire the routine and get the feel of it.

Starting off is the hardest part, specially when you have no idea what you´re doing.

If you have trained somewhat seriously in the past, or have vast knowledge in the whole fitness industry I would not recommend it. Why? It´s all about cost of opportunity. I don´t know how much is a a trainer per hour where you live but I´m sure that you could invest that money in supplements, better quality food, gear or other non-gym related stuff.

I had a trainer when I first began, but after I understod how the workouts, routines and training systems worked, I saw no need on having him around.

Nowadays, I train on my own, but follow certain useful sources to tweak my routine a bit. I change it for a few weeks, see if it improves my training and if it does, I adopt it.

I learned how to meal prep this way. I´ve also tried several supplement and stuck with the ones i saw a real change with.

I suggest you to check jeff nippard on youtube. He has amazing content. It has helped me a lot.

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