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Police academy

Police academy

I just finished one of the longest police academies in the USA down here in Texas.

Little background about myself, prior military combat arms deployed to Afghanistan got out did some security contracting overseas for a few years. I've always maintained between good and excellent physical shape throughout my years.

I'm writing this datasheet about what it's like going through the police academy because I was impressed with the training and also provide insight to others on this forum on those who are thinking about going into law enforcement work.

To start it off the physical fitness is harder yet safer than the Army. I been on ruck runs in the military and carried heavy shit across the afghan mountains in the hottest points of the year so I definitely have a good sense of judgement for overcoming strenuous exercises. The officer who ran our program has been on the department two retirements ago and runs a gym, guy is a walking bruce lee absolute animal.
They made us wear sweats during our workouts which makes it harder and there is no real benefit to it. They just wanted to get rid of people with the high intensity workouts and sweats does it. I do remember wearing sweats in the army for basic but the intensity is nowhere as high for this specific police academy. 3 years ago I was running a 5:40 mile and at the peak of the academy I was at 6 mins flat, my endurance was definitely taken to another level where I could keep running 6 minute miles with breaks in between (I'm 31).

Each academy whether it's police, cool guy contracting or the army teaches you how to shoot, load, clear, deal with malfunctions, get off the X, clear rooms differently. This is one of those things where you absorb the knowledge you already have, put the worthy shit in your tool box and move on. Some training will not make sense to you because you already have been trained a certain way which makes it feel like other routes are inefficient. Again, I was still impressed with the training overall.

I'm not one of those prideful/egotistical guys so I can honestly say that this training is an excellent base for those who never had specialized military training. Then again this is a sample size of one police academy in Texas.

When it comes to academics, they're quite a few subjects within your state/federal you should know and how to properly apply it. For Texas we have the penal code which identifies what law you have broken. The criminal code procedure is how you apply the laws being broken, paperwork that needs to be filled with magistrate, family violence manual, days and hours in which shit needs to be done. Applying the 4th, 5, and 6th amendment to your arrest authorities.

There is also arrest authorities. This is perhaps one of the most important subjects because even if you understand penal code and ccp, you can still fuck up your arrest authorities. You have to truly understand in and out what your arrest authorities are for each offense. The academy does a great job towards covering the major offenses you will come in contact with along with civilly protecting yourself.

There is also traffic, health and safety code, hazmat and other subjects. Learning traffic is about getting into people's lives which can be very useful if you're hunting for drugs (I'm extremely liberal towards drugs) but I seen it being used on other cases as well. Americans are lucky that the laws have been more lax in regards of people being searched. We read the arrest authorities we had 10-15 years ago versus now and I can say that Americans have more freedom today.

Even though this is the south, some of my peers are left and lesbian but I can tell this academy along with cadet rides instantly changed their Democratic ideals real quick, the academy was able to show the realities of society.

The negatives....there was a lot of sitting around like the army, bullshit classes that needed to be done because the state requires multiculturalism and other feel good liberal subjects. The better you did in the academy the more they expected out of you and that's where I fucked myself by maxing out the physical fitness test and having above average scores for test along with being responsible. You can get away with being a shit-bag and still pass unfortunately. On a good note, everyone will know you're a shitbag and it will follow you for the rest of your career because unlike the army word travels fast about the type of person you are.

Help your fellow man out. This should go without saying and an early lesson I have learned in life. Doing this will help you ten fold during the academy if you're lacking in certain areas. ( It will happen no matter how much of a chad you are)

Keep your uniform pressed, fresh shave, smell like a boss, answer like you have a pair and get shit done. Right place right time right uniform is the key to success.

This is extremely brief overview of the academy and I will answer any questions people have.

Police academy

Was it a normal academy where you still have to get a job on your own or a department specific training funnel?

What was the training / info they gave you for responding to domestics?
Arrest someone at every domestic for liability reasons?

Police academy

It was with a major city and you start the next day after graduation.

They're quite a few domestics. We can start with family violence. Either gender can file a protective according against someone and if the officer witnesses their presence violating the protective order they shall arrest. Hersey accusations don't work. If you arrive on scene and a woman claims she's been beaten but has no marks and the guy seems relatively normal you will just write a report articulating why you didn't arrest. If the woman has bruises and seems scared for her life, you should arrest after you determine if he's the primary aggressor. More than likely when you arrive on scene and run the address andnames their priors will come up and you will understand what you're dealing with.

Civilly, if I arrive at a call and two friends are arguing with each other about person A stole persons B's TV. Since I didn't witness it I cannot do anything about it. since it's a civil issue and they will have to take that up with the civil court.

There's also something called emergency detention. A prudent person can call an officer and have a friend or family member detained medically if they are demonstrating psychological problems that deems they're a harm to themselves or others. This is tricky because if you don't follow protocol, you can be liable for violating civil liberties.

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