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YouTuber Banned for Punching Feminist NPC

YouTuber Banned for Punching Feminist NPC

Youtuber with nearly 500ksubs gets banned because he made one video punching an NPC in the game "Red Dead Redemption 2" which portrayed a feminist fighting for her rights to vote.

It was obviously just a goofy fun video but for the youtube SJW team, it was a sexist hate speech message and not tolerable!
For youtube the killing of millions of male NPC's is okay, but you punch one feminist and you are done.

The Game is made by Rockstar Games which are the guys behind: "Grand Theft Auto".
I remember when I was around 9-10 we had a guy in our class that for some reason, got his hands on a copy of GTA 3 on Playstation 1. We went to his home and played the shit out of this Game. One thing I can remember was, killing a prostitute and my school friends mother entered exactly the room when we were screaming: "Kill this bitch". This was the last day for us that we played GTA3 but it was a funny story to remember. Now imagine future kids playing a Game and killing one single female NPC. Your son is basically a felon and will be jailed.


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YouTuber Shirrako has been banned from the platform for his viral video in which he punches a feminist in the face and runs away in the popular video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

YouTube banned the user who created the viral video “Red Dead Redemption 2 – Beating Up Annoying Feminist” claiming it advocated violence, in spite of allowing other game play videos from the popular video game, which requires the player to commit bank robberies, train robberies, massive shooting sprees, theft, and kidnapping in the course of playing the game, to remain on the platform.

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YouTuber Banned for Punching Feminist NPC

The more people they ban, the more opportunity there is for alternative platforms. Their overreach will open the playing field. More bannings are what are needed to reach a tipping point. Ban them all, that is the gaslight campaign we should encourage at Youtube.

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YouTuber Banned for Punching Feminist NPC

This is being talked about in the Youtube censorship thread. Looks like he was unbanned so I'll lock this thread.

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