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Google walkout: staff wants 5 new SJW demands met

Google walkout: staff wants 5 new SJW demands met

Yeah, discussed in the Seeking Arrangement thread - that's the hookers-in-denial hangout site where he met her. She was anything but "high end."

It's a rather lurid but accurate illustration of just how pathetic the situation is in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area for straight men. A guy with a fucking yacht on the water and millions in the bank is reduced to chasing down some tatted, used up heroin-pushing whore who winds up killing him with an overdose. There's so many lessons in that example.

What happened to the whore? Oh yeah, she got released. Probably back on SA by now.


A California judge in 2015 sentenced Tichelman to five years in prison after she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs. With credit for time served and for good behavior, she was released after serving about half her sentence.

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