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The dangers of psychological projection, and the NPCs

The dangers of psychological projection, and the NPCs

So I was talking to this girl over the weekend, beautiful girl--with horrible style and attitude--and I realized something disturbing: she genuinely thought she was attracting me. So many women act all the time like what they think guys like, as men act as what they think girls like, but both these things are distorted by the projection of what we like in the opposite sex.

So a girl might cut her hair short, and dress completely unappealingly to most men, but in her head she's being edgy and rebellious--things she adores in guys. In the same way we might dress overly conservative, keep it clean cut; because we like girls that are like that.

It gets even deeper with career for women, and with looks for men. Women think that they need a great career to attract a high value man, and we think we need movie star looks to attract a beautiful woman--but this is all a lie.

Women value career in men, and see looks as something of a bonus, as do we when considering a woman's career choices, instead valuing her beauty and maternal qualities.

The most attractive guy is the leader of men, that kills it at work, makes the world a better place, fixes everything etc. Brings prosperity, safety, and love through his power. His appearance is masculine, and commands respect.

The most attractive woman is the one that is beautiful, a great mother and wife, while being able to manage relationships with others masterfully, taking care of events, and being a leader in that regard. Her appearance is feminine, and softens hearts.

Any other qualities are simply extras--a man doesn't have to look like DiCaprio, just like a girl doesn't have to be CEO of a company, to reach to top of the mountain.

Everyone is confused today--I see these young girls with horrendous styles and attitudes focusing on career, and all I see is their male equivalent...the beta male/incel. The world truly is a pyramid, with large amounts of lost individuals at the bottom, and a very small amount of people that can cut through the lies and ascend. It's not about money or fame, but simply about living as God intended us to, and we have to climb a mountain to get there, both men, and women, and I don't think anyone is overly pushing against it either--girls are making these decisions on their own, just like a guy chooses to play video games all day--it might just be how things are supposed to be.

Not everyone can survive, not everyone can succeed: our entire history follows this hierarchical pattern, and that might just be our nature.

I don't see anyone to blame, it's simply the way of the world.

And in that case, embracing elitism might be the way to go; care for your well being, and that of your close ones; those that can cut through the lies; those that ascend. I see history, and it's forever the same story--the general population are not the side you want to be on--NPCs have always existed... There is a clear distinction between people, that can be no other but biological, for it is with every historical civilization.

I see no other solution but to form a group of like minded elites, and direct the NPCs.

If we don't do it, others will, others are.

The dangers of psychological projection, and the NPCs

Quote: (10-29-2018 06:10 PM)Flux Wrote:  

So a girl might cut her hair short, and dress completely unappealingly to most men, but in her head she's being edgy and rebellious--things she adores in guys.

It's an interesting concept. It's like something like reverse psychological projection.

Psychological projection - unloading things you can't deal with about yourself onto others
This - Assuming things you can't obtain or desire from the opposite sex into yourself

My observation is that above all women desire a man who is validated. Now they are steeped in Tinder/IG validation. Apparently the level of sex and relations young people having/in are diminishing. Difficult to find a guy more validated than you as a 20 year old with 10,000 IG [Image: tard.gif] and 100 messages from random guys per day.

I think it's more that when women get these things they then loose their appeal in men, hence SMV craters.

When you were on treasure hunts as a child. The fun is the mystery, the case, the prospect. You find the treasure and it's then normal. Hypergamy say level up. This is not enough.

Exactly how this plays out with the sexes trying to assume what they want in the opposite, I'm not sure.

But right now we have the huge push for women to "go get them, girl" and any counter-arguments to that are banned. Particularly in academia. While at the same time society is as much as ever trying to protect women from emotional harm and no extending that the making things less competitive so women can have at least 50% of the seats at tables these people have got their eye on. So that's making the work place nice and quiet and reducing the bar for physical tests in the military.

As part of making things nice and protecting women is making sure they never learn what men really want and that included that when the most desirable men are looking to get married, they don't care about all the things women are pushed into now. In fact, they tend to want the exact opposite.

With the short-hair, edgy girls I think that's a subculture/hierarchy born out of certain desires and impulses. They become disillusioned with the mainstream and identify with what they think of as the counter-culture. This is formed of a group of people who reject the mainstream and create an alternative value structure, which is often an inverse of the mainstream. So instead of looking smart and talking nice they will dye their hair blue, wear a hoodie and talk like a rough bloke. It's something they feel they can claim and have a steak in. Rather than feel rejected by the mainstream.

The dangers of psychological projection, and the NPCs

I think he's making a lot of assumptions in general. Just like men are turned on by different things about women (e.g. we've got ass guys, face guys, and such on the forum), women aren't all motivated by the same thing.

Look at it the way a marketer views the world. Start with identifying your target audience, identify what their value hierarchy is, develop a solution to their wants/needs, and then sell them on that fit.

It's how I got married. I realized that most of the "good girls" want a guy who isn't a pussy but who also lives their values (e.g. isn't going to be pushing for buttsex on the first date for example). That means there's an unidentified need and I crafted my pitch accordingly.

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